A number of people constantly have reduced rates of blood pressure (about 90/60 mm.), feeling quite normal and not suffering any dizziness or weakness. This is due to the physiological characteristics of the organism.

Sometimes the pressure may be reduced in a healthy person as a result of adverse weather conditions or a strong nervous tension. In this case, the person usually feels weakness, nausea, headache, apathy, drowsiness. The first ambulance in this situation is a Cup of sweet strong tea or coffee with a sandwich. Some makes a contrast shower for 10 minutes for someone best medicine is sleep.

If you often feel weakness, drowsiness, shortness of breath, headache, absent-mindedness, and monitor systematically shows low pressure – it's time to consult a doctor.

These symptoms are obvious signs of primary hypotension. This condition is a signal of dysregulation of blood vessel tone. Over time this can lead to serious complications in the cardiovascular system. It is very important that you visited a specialist and were prescribed a course of treatment, and not try to make their own a variety of tools from hypotension.

To provide first aid for the permanent weakness and reduced pressure, use infusions of medicinal plants. Buy in the drugstore tincture lemongrass, ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Echinacea purpurea or Rhodiola rosea. You should note that all of these drugs have a pronounced tonic effect, and in certain diseases is contraindicated. Therefore, before their admission should also consult a doctor.

If hypotension it is recommended to make acupressure point massage. Press on the pads of the little fingers and the depression located between the nose and lips.

If you are experiencing low rates only bottom pressure, and the top is elevated, you should undergo a serious examination of the cardiovascular system. Similar symptom can be a symptom of aortic valve insufficiency.

Low pressure is often accompanied by pathology of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, nervous system, anemia and other diseases. Be sure to consult the doctor and get a thorough examination to exclude the development of secondary hypotension.