At reduced pressure do massage the neck, neck and Atlant (first cervical vertebra) at least two times a day. The massage should be done by adopting a comfortable position, sitting or standing. Do the stroking, kneading and rubbing, with one or two hands.
Use the techniques of acupuncture. Press your fingertips into the grooves, which are located between the upper lip and nose. Impact the same way on the points located under the nail with a roller on the ring finger and the little finger.
Press each finger on the hands, this will help stimulate blood circulation and vasodilatation. Swipe a hard massage subungual Lodge, located on the big toe. The pressure after the massage, rise in a natural way.
When severe dizziness take a horizontal position so that blood could flow to the vessels of the head. When the dizzy spell will pass, make weak sweet tea and drink it with a sandwich of black bread, butter and cheese. This snack will help to raise the pressure and increase the level of glucose in the blood.
If a strong loss of strength, sit down, relax, slowly inhale through your nose and slowly exhale it through clenched teeth. This breathing exercise will help to normalize the pressure. During its implementation it is impossible to stop breathing, as this may cause a reverse reaction.
Under reduced pressure switch to allowed when breastfeeding, the foods that contain large amounts of folic acid, b vitamins (meat, liver, buckwheat, walnuts, apples, etc.). Be sure to eat regularly, at least 4-5 times a day, because long breaks between meals will have a negative impact on vascular tone. Increase fluid intake, drink per day at least three liters of water.