The mechanism of pruritus correlated with the signal that comes from the nerve endings of the upper cover of the skin, Central nervous system or peripheral nerves. Mediator of itching and scratching, all signals – histamine. Therefore can help in removing the symptoms is the antihistamine.

Scratching the ears can have a thermal, mechanical, electrical and chemical nature. Irritated can as associated nerve endings, causing the itch and pain receptors, causing only pain. In the upper cover of the skin of the ear canal are receptors of the itching, but they may not be in the joints, muscles and internal organs. Called itching can also dry skin, sweat, infections, allergies, hormonal disorders and many other reasons.

As soon as begins to bother scratching in the ears, should cease to injure the skin of the auditory canal is regular cleansing and removal of sulfur, which is a habitat for beneficial microflora of the skin and serves as protection against pathogenic bacteria and fungi of all sorts.

While cleaning ears with cotton sticks through small cracks in the skin may get disease-causing germs, which can begin inflammation, which is quite difficult to treat and tends to relapse. Ear cleaning sticks does not always lead to the purification of sulfur from an ear. During the process sulphur is just compacted, eventually formed a dense cerumen impaction, pushing on the walls of the ear canal, causing inflammation and injury.

In addition, the reasons for the scratching in the ears are parasites. Such diseases are carried by animals. A symptom can be not only itch is often a feeling that someone is crawling in the ear, you may feel pain in some places you can see little red dots similar to the prick of the needle. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Scratching and itching in the ears can occur due to trophic changes of the vessels and diabetes. Such problems occur in the elderly. To relieve itching will help ear candles with propolis, but the treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor.