The blood rushing to the ears for different reasons. It is known that in the cold they turn red. This reaction on cooling, and these protruding parts of the facelike ear, are cooled in the first place. The cold to them rushing the blood to protect from the cold, that is, their blood vessels dilate and let more blood than usual, and as the vessels close to the skin, the rush of blood immediately noticeable.Ears start to burn not only in the cold and in the heat. Here is the same mechanism, but the goal is the rush of blood the other. The fact that the blood, priliva to the small blood vessels close to the skin, quickly gives off heat to the environment. Thus, the body cools. Have cause redness are completely different. Everyone knows that ears blush with shame. From a medical point of view, shame is stressful, causing blood flow to some internal organs, particularly the brain. Because the organs of hearing are located in close proximity to the brain, blood flow has been immediately reflected in their redness because blood vessels of the ears are thin and close to the skin. Thus, any stress can cause redness. We know, for example, how easily you blush shy people, this is because many of the situation for them is stressful, especially dealing with strangers, and have to do regularly. It's funny, but the redness of the ears indicates enhanced functioning of the brain. The reason is the same - a rush of blood to the brain, and they turn red for "company," "the neighbors," no reason not having. Finally, man can not guess about any of these reasons, however, his ears are red. It must be borne in mind that some processes in the body happen without the knowledge of consciousness. Thus, the brain can do the heavy work, not overlooking the level of consciousness, or the body can experience stress, which is not recognized by the man himself.Thus, burning ears may be indicators of stress, cooling or overheating, and reinforced brain work.