Advice 1: Scrofula in adults: symptoms and treatment

Scrofula – the popular name of the exudative diathesis, which can appear for a number of reasons. Most often the disease affects children under the age of 10 years, but in rare cases occurs in adults.
Scrofula in adults: symptoms and treatment

The symptoms of scrofula in adults

At the initial stage of scrofula behind the ears, on the scalp, the neck has yellow crust. When combing Golden crust come off, there is formed a smooth red surface. In the future may join a secondary infection and the scabs have deep wounds.

When tuberculous form of scrofula, the patient feels General weakness, malaise, body temperature rises. Appears purulent rhinitis, it may be otitis media, inflammation of the lymph nodes. Affected joints, there is pain in the back, aching in the limbs.

Diagnosis of scrofula in adults

Golden crust and exudate is examined carefully in the laboratory. The patient is administered a diagnostic for tuberculosis, AIDS, give direction to the immunologist for detailed examination. It should be noted, scrofula in adults is most often caused by the presence in the blood Bacillus. The patient can remain healthy, active tuberculosis does not develop, but will not eliminate the reason to get rid of scrofula with symptomatic treatment will be impossible.

The treatment of scrofula

As symptomatic treatment patient is prescribed a zinc ointment that you need to lubricate all of the affected surface 2 times a day, antihistamines, vitamins, Immunostimulants.

When tuberculous form of scrofula, the patient hospitalityat and carry out patient treatment. Prescribe antibiotics: "Isoniazid", "Rifampicin", "Pyrazinamide", hepatoprotectors, vitamins In the injectable ATP in the form of the sodium salt of glutamic acid. After 30 days re-take analysis to identify the Bacillus. If necessary, antibiotic therapy continues.

People's treatment of scrofula

Along with traditional treatment can be used traditional methods. Herbal medicine helps to quickly get rid of Golden crusts and relieve itching and inflammation, prevent formation of deep wounds.

The affected area can be lubricated 5-6 times a day with infusion of chamomile, marigold, sage, yarrow, succession. To prepare you need to brew a heaped tablespoon dried minced raw materials Cup of boiling water, to insist 2 hours. The filtered solution wipe the affected skin.

For intake, you should prepare a decoction of a mixture of chamomile, succession, nettle and elecampane. All the ingredients are taken in equal proportions, mixed in a single container. Then 1 tbsp of medicinal herbs brewed Cup of boiling water, insist 1-2 hours and take a third Cup of strained broth for 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.

Advice 2: How to treat diathesis in adults

Into our diet of a growing number of semi-finished products with the use of new forms of chemical drugs, the deterioration of the environmental situation in the world increasingly, there are adults suffering from various forms of Allergy. It would seem that the most common foods that cause unpleasant rashes. How to treat diathesis in adults?
How to treat diathesis in adults
You will need
  • - activated charcoal
  • urological collection
Diathesis is a kind of allergies to food, accompanied by unpleasant sores that stay long on the body and cause an itchy effect. Diathesis may cause the most common foods – milk, meat, egg. It occurs when the body very much intoxicated and harmful substances give the body about excess in the body. If not diathesis is accompanied by acute complications that require urgent medical treatment, the first step of treatment is a full body cleansing, which includes colon cleansing.
Daily use of two tablets of activated charcoal will allow the intestines quickly be cleaned. Urological collection once a day will help the rapid withdrawal of unnecessary substances which the intestine does not have time to excrete.
Well established in the treatment of Allergy in adults a psychological method. Certain mental-emotional experiences cause diatese-allergic reaction. Most likely, you do not accept in my life, something bothers you and the body gives a response in the form of diathesis. If it is accompanied by complications of the type of angioedema, be sure to consult a doctor and take medicines to relieve the acute condition.
For a full treatment of Allergy need to find the cause that caused rashes on the body. Treatment medicines only relieves the results already achieved, not by removing the cause, so diathesis occurs again.
Comprehensive treatment of a rash, using medicines, clean the body and psychological method, to help completely get rid of it, and enjoy life without limiting themselves in delicious and healthy food.
However, in adults remains diathesis, a predisposition to sensitization does not disappear, and under unfavorable circumstances, she's ready to show itself in the form of certain allergic reactions. What were the conditions shown diathesis in adults, it is possible to predict the possible onset of symptoms?
Useful advice
Also diathesis in adults can cause genetic predisposition that manifested itself in adulthood. The same causes of development of Allergy in an adult due to the diet as children. If during the life of the food was wrong, it is quite possible that this will become a cause of Allergy in adulthood.

Advice 3: What to do if the symptoms of stomach ulcers

Typical manifestations of gastric ulcer are pain, "stomach", vomiting and heartburn, and when the disease is acute, there are the so-called hunger pains that stopped after a half hour or an hour after your next meal. Often also pain during the night. It is particularly strong if one eats fried, fatty, spicy and salty foods — that is one that injures the damaged gastric mucosa.
What to do if the symptoms of stomach ulcers
If you have any of these symptoms, ulcer likely, but it is unlikely that you need to put a diagnosis yourself unless you are a medical worker. It could be some other disease of the gastrointestinal tract. And the ulcer is not always manifested in that way. Occasionally at a young age it generally occurs without symptoms. In General, if you have a suspicion that the stomach is not okay, contact your doctor immediately.The medical establishment is fibrogastroscopic research and radiograph of the stomach, analyses are made of the gastric juice and biopsy. And based on the obtained data doctor establishes whether the person with the ulcer, where it is located, which has a size, shape, etc. also Determined the level of acidity of gastric juice. All this allows you to understand how to treat peptic ulcer disease a particular patient, because the therapy is always individual. The important thing is that you can do immediately is to review your way of life because more often than not he contributes to the emergence and development of the disease. If you smoke, quit. Minimize the use of beverages that cause increased acid secretion in the stomach. It's coffee, alcohol, Cola. Refrain from fried, fatty, smoked, canned and spicy foods. Try to reduce the amount of salt to 10 g per day. To food does not hurt your stomach, try to grind, even grind, and also use warm and never hot or cold. Eat better more and more slowly. Do not prepare and don't heat food in the microwave. It is not recommended to take acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin). If necessary, replace it with a different medication.Will help to strengthen the walls of the stomach and improve the condition of the mucous membrane of vitamins a, C, b and zinc.To treat ulcers in the home, it is useful to use the people's money. Only it is not necessary to substitute the whole range of medical activities.Prepare a decoction of licorice root, marshmallow, comfrey (20 g each) and celandine herb (10 g). Take it daily two or three glasses half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is approximately three weeks.Prepare a decoction of fennel fruit, chamomile flowers (20 g) and lime color (40 g). This should be made as needed, in the form of heat and on an empty stomach as antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory agents, one to three glasses a day.Make an infusion of equal parts (20 g) grass centaury, St. John's wort and cudweed, chamomile flowers, mint leaves. Take morning and evening for half a Cup half an hour before meals. It is believed that the decoction has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, and also heals the ulcer faster. And finally, another important tip. In modern life it is not easy, but still try to protect you from stress. Set yourself up to be less nervous over nothing. And will help you with this regular exercise, mental relaxation of the body and massage.
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