Keep in mind that trapped in the ear canal of a cat or cats water is not as harmless as it may seem. The inner ear of cats is arranged in such a way that, once there, the liquid can not go back on their own. If the water will stay for some time in the middle ear of the animal, it is able to provoke inflammation hearing – the so-called otitis media. It is very unpleasant and painful for the cat, and in the absence of timely treatment can lead to partial or complete deafness.
Take action immediately if the ear belong you cat is exposed to water. If the amount of liquid is very small and she did not have time to penetrate deeply, it may be sufficient just to dry the ears of the animal and to remove the moisture using cotton swabs. If your cat is one of those rare representatives of their species who are not afraid of noise, then you can carefully dry her ears with a hair dryer. Carefully make sure that after this unpleasant incident the cat in any case is not overcooled, for example, not sitting near an open window, because in this case the risk of the animal has otitis media increases significantly.
Don't ignore strange behavior of the animal after bathing or after it got soaked in the rain. If the cat rubs his ears with his paws, shaking its head, is restless, running around the apartment and meows plaintively, then the owner should have suspected that her ears were water. You can try to take action to help the animal and in the home – it drip into every ear drops for treatment of otitis media, which you can buy at the pharmacy. You can also use hydrogen peroxide. If the water still will not come out of the ears of your pet, do not let the matter take its course and bring her to the veterinary clinic.