You will need
  • thermometer;
  • calendar;
  • home ovulation tests;
  • - visit the Cabinet of ultrasound;
Gender of baby depends on which sex chromosome was sperm involved in conception. If he had a Y chromosome, then you will wait for the boy, and the X chromosome ensures that the pregnant girl. These sperm differ in their properties. It is believed that carrying a Y chromosome is faster but less resilient than those with X-chromosome. On the basis of these data you will be able to plan the sex of the child.
First, determine which part of the cycle you ovulate. You can roughly estimate it by the calendar, on the assumption that ovulation occurs 14 days before new menstrual period. To more accurately capture the time of ovulation helps measuring the basal temperature: during the day it rises about 0.2°C. you can Also use home ovulation tests or an ultrasound study, but these options require investment of money.
Now that you know roughly when in the current cycle possible ovulation, you can start planning sex of the child. If you want to conceive a girl, sex should begin 2-4 days prior to ovulation. But to create a boy will need to start to abstain for a week before ovulation and have sex only on the day when it will happen.