National signs that indicate the sex of the baby

If a woman during pregnancy loses its appeal, it says that it's a girl. It is believed that the mother gives her future daughter's beauty. Somehow boys are more merciful – they do not take away the natural attractiveness from her mother during pregnancy.

If a pregnant woman sleeps on her left side, then it's a girl, right is boy. Where did this popular superstition is unknown, and what is the relationship between the position of the mother and the sex of the child is not very clear, however, this sign is very popular.

Strong toxicosis heralds the birth of a son, and if sick only in the morning, the light should have a girl.

Even the appearance of the abdomen indicates the sex of the baby: a large rounded belly heralds the birth of a girl, skinny and a little spicy – boy.

The people also believed the sex of the child affects the behavior of the pregnant woman. If she does not hide his position and subconsciously strives to show everyone her pregnancy, she had a son. Somehow, it is believed that pregnant girls unconsciously try to hide from the prying eyes of his rounded tummy.

If during pregnancy a woman prefers spicy and salty foods, then she bears a son. If it leans more to the sweet or often loses appetite and becomes picky with food, she has a daughter.

Frequent headaches also indicate that we can expect the birth of a boy.

If the baby for the first time gave signs of life and pushed to the right side, a son, left a daughter.

Folk omens and superstitions: things to avoid during pregnancy

It is believed that a pregnant woman can do sewing. Sewing is possible only on Sundays and Church holidays. It is believed that if you do not follow these rules, then the future of a child can provoke a number of unpleasant diseases associated with vision.

Also saying that you can't a pregnant woman look at the fires – the child can appear on the body of a birthmark, like burns.

It is impossible to splash water over the threshold. It can harm the baby's health and to make the upcoming childbirth heavy.

During the fear, frustration and anxiety, and pregnant woman should not touch yourself in the face. It is believed that this action may adversely affect the appearance of the unborn child and may even leave marks on his face.

During pregnancy it is impossible to go to the cemetery and the funeral. Any dead power can cause great harm to the mother and baby. During pregnancy a woman extremely vulnerable and highly susceptible to negative effects.

Pregnant woman should not baptize the other children. It is believed that by taking part in the rite of baptism, the woman gives the energy of the parent someone else's kid at the expense of their own unborn child.

The woman expecting the child does not have to step over strung with ropes and chains. It is believed that during childbirth the baby can get tangled in the cord.

Somehow a pregnant woman not have the time to look at the fire and to blow out the candles if she wants the pregnancy and delivery went easy.