In the Russian legislation there are a number of measures aimed at employment promotion and the protection of those citizens who remained without work. A prerequisite for obtaining this support is to register at the labor exchange and the person is recognized as unemployed. In this case, people will be able to receive unemployment benefits, part of which will provide its content to the time of employment. Strict deadline to register with the labour exchange after the dismissal does not exist, the citizen determines their own. A period is set only for those individuals who were dismissed on grounds related to the reduction of number of staff, the liquidation of the company. In any case, it should be remembered that the benefit will accrue only after the appeal to the labour exchange.

The deadline for contacting with the reduction or elimination of the employer

If the employee was dismissed due to the termination of the company, individual entrepreneur or were laid off, the employment law recommends him to apply to the employment service within two weeks from the date of dismissal. The reason this period is that at dismissal on certain grounds the employee receives the right to preservation of average earnings for the period of employment (two months after dismissal). In exceptional cases, the period of preservation of the average wage shall be extended for a third month, but a prerequisite for this extension is to appeal to the employment service within two weeks after the layoffs and lack of employment.

Features save average earnings of the dismissed employee

Citizens wishing to retain the average earnings for the period of employment, be aware that this option is available only if termination of the employment contract for the aforementioned reason. In other cases, pay is not provided, so you can at any time apply to the labour exchange to expedite the processing of appropriate allowances. If the average earnings for the former employee is retained, the allowance in the period such preservation he will not be charged despite evidence of registration with the employment service, so to receive these payments at the same time is impossible. The accrual of unemployment benefits will begin on the day following the last day for the preservation of average earnings.