You will need
  • 1. Passport.
  • 2. High school diploma or certificate of graduation.
  • 3. Employment history (if any).
  • 4. Reference salary for the last 3 months.
  • 5. Certificate of pension insurance.
  • 6. INN.
  • 7. Passbook, issued in the savings Bank.
Immediately determine what to say about your situation inspector job exchanges, not necessarily. Put you on the account must in any case, if the term of your pregnancy less than 30 weeks. But to inform the employers or not - decide for yourself. Although the law prescribes no restrictions on the employment of pregnant women, HR staff prefer for any reason to deny to women in an interesting position. But if the fact of pregnancy to hide the reaction of the employer in consequence may not be the most optimistic.
How to get to the Jobcentre to pregnant women
For registration to the labour exchange you need to bring all the necessary documents, a list of which is available from the staff of this organization. The inspector will ask you to write a statement and tell how many times a week and what hours you will need to come to the exchange to get a list of employers.
Every month you will be paid unemployment benefits in the amount of 75 % of salary - 1, 2, 3 months, 60 % - 4, 5, 6, 7-and 45% in subsequent months. Note that the maximum allowance to 4 900 rubles. And what would be the salary was at your previous place of work, more than this amount you will not list. If you didn't work at all - the benefit will be minimal - 890 rubles.
When the time is right to take a maternity leave (after 30 weeks), you will need to bring to the inspector of labour exchanges a certificate from the medical institution where you are registered on pregnancy. Hospital on the labor exchange are not paid, therefore, the monthly transfer for the term of the decree will cease. But to get a little money for child care is still possible. For this you will need, after your baby is born, will appeal to the regional Department of social protection, and, until the child reaches one and a half years, you will pay the allowance.
How to get to the Jobcentre to pregnant women
And, most importantly, do not forget about yourself and the future baby. Try to find a job closer to home, agree on a partial employment. Then you will have time to walk in the fresh air, take care of your health, gain strength before the new, complex and challenging, but this long-awaited stage of your life.
How to get to the Jobcentre to pregnant women