You will need
  • - passport;
  • work - book with the latest entry of dismissal;
  • certificate closure of SP or liquidation of the company (if any);
  • - proof of salary for the year prior to applying to the employment center with the latest work place in the form of the employment center;
  • - the document on education;
  • - birth certificates of children (if any);
  • - the savings account for the calculation of unemployment benefits.
Gather the necessary documents. This is, primarily, passport, labor book with a record of resignation from the last job and the document on education (diploma, certificate, etc., only one, the highest level of education available).
If you have never been formally employed, enough of the document on education.
Those who before the registration in the employment center was an entrepreneur or founder of the enterprise, you will need to present a certificate of cessation of business activities or liquidation of the company.
Having children should produce birth certificate of each child.
In the employment center, you will also be given a form of certificate of salary prescribed form, which you must take the last place of work, and there are obliged to fill in and certify with signature and seal.
When you bring all the necessary documents, you will be asked to complete the questionnaire. In it you specify your personal data, requirements for desired job (there better not be shy to employees of the center then did not consider it appropriate for you obviously unacceptable variants) and the list of services that you would like to obtain from the city center of employment (assistance in finding work, payment of unemployment benefits, free training for a new profession, non-repayable grant to start their own business, etc.).
After registration you will be assigned a date and time of the first visit to the employment center. To go to check in you will have time in two weeks, in a period of mass unemployment (for example, during the financial crisis of 2008) may reduce the frequency of visits to 1 time in a month.
Non-appearance to the employment center without a valid reason (sickness, confirmed by the hospital, or otherwise) will result in removal of benefits.
In the presence of suitable vacancies you will give direction to the interview. If hired you will not take, the employer will need to write the reason. Failure to appear for the interview or the systematic refusal of work deemed suitable for you, also is fraught with deprivation benefits.
In the first visit "to mark" you need to bring on the exchange of labor the savings account, which will list your allowance. List of savings Bank branches where you can do it, you will be given in the employment center.
Otherwise, you are free to open it in any where convenient. In the center, along with the savings Bank (it was Bank branch and your account) will bring the props that you will give the teller at the branch when opening the book.
You will also need to make a minimum payment on account is allocated to your savings account - 10 p