The statement-the questionnaire. To obtain the form is available on the job market and fill it before submitting the documents. Applicants to the exchange, fills out an application my own fair hand, it specifies all required information, put the date and signature.
Passport or identity document. If the document identity is not a nationality, you must bring the certificate of citizenship. For foreign citizens will need a passport or certificate of identity and nationality, and residence permit, only with him foreigners can expect to pay benefits. In that case, if the documents are written in a foreign language must be certified by a notary their translation into Russian language.
Labor book or labor contract, the contract from the last job. These documents do not need to bring to individuals who are looking for work.
Diploma, certificate of completed courses and other documents, which show professional skills.
The certificate on form 2-NDFL for last 3 months of work on last place. This certificate shows what the wages were received by the citizen, this amounts to a calculation of unemployment benefits. Usually such a statement is issued immediately at dismissal, but if not, you will have to order it in advance from the accountant or HR Department. To submit a certificate should be only in case if the date of dismissal has not passed year.
Savings book for the calculation of benefits and pension certificate.
Disabled in addition to these documents serves a rehabilitation program. Military or police, dismissed from service – military ID, and an extract from the order of dismissal.
When an organization the founders need to bring the documents on liquidation of the company, or documents on withdrawal from the founders. All these documents should be requested by the Federal tax service. Workers entrepreneurs who have not made the work book, should be required from employers an employment contract with a mark about payment of insurance premiums.
Students part-time and correspondence forms of training should be placed in the school a certificate of studies. New information is provided to the employment service twice a year: in February and September.
Internally displaced persons can not do without a certificate on involuntary resettlement, as well as without a certificate of registration by place of stay.