You will need
  • — passport;
  • — document of education, qualification;
  • — information on average earnings;
  • — form of the form employment services.
To register employment you must meet the following criteria: be over 16 years of age, have no income from employment, not to be convicted and retired.
If you lost your job and want to get on the account in tszn, you need to provide the following documents: passport, education documents, work book, certificate about the average wage in the last job. Complete a certificate of average earnings on a form approved by CZN, in another form this information will not be accepted as the expert.
After checking the presented documents expert of the center of employment will consider the possibility of raising you to register as unemployed. Usually this procedure takes 10 days. After receiving this status, you will need to come to the employment center to obtain a list of vacancies and to check in with the employee 2 times a month.
The maximum benefit amount, for example, in 2012 — 4900 roubles, minimum — 850 roubles. All sums are indicated without taking into account regional factors. If you have not had employment in the period prior to the exchange of labour, will be appointed to the minimum payment.
After obtaining the status of unemployed you can take courses of professional training. During the training you will be paid a stipend and you will be removed from the register on the stock exchange of employment. During the period of retraining, you may even pay the fare to the place of training and living expenses. But if you will not attend or will show poor performance, you may void part of a scholarship or full payments.