You will need
  • - passport;
  • work - book or document, its replacing (certifying the professional qualification);
  • - proof of salary for the last three months.
Before you apply to the exchange of work, prepare a package of documents. Salary will receive in case of dismissal the employee calving personnel. Let him know for what purpose you need this information. For labour exchanges need help on the average wage (payroll) to determine the size of unemployment benefits and scholarships. Such inspector may require for employment.
Refer to the stock exchange within two weeks after dismissal. Fold the passport, a certificate of salary and employment history into a separate folder, and go to the reception. You better come to the opening, so it will be more likely to get to the inspector first.
The employee of the employment service will be asked to write a statement about the recognition of you unemployed. It, along with the documents remains pending at the labor exchange within ten working days. In the case of a positive decision will be an appointment with the inspector in charge of citizens in need of employment.
The inspector will propose a number of vacancies on a speciality. They will all be listed in a bypass list, along with the telephone numbers and addresses of companies needing staff.
Call the organization and make an appointment. In two weeks I have to visit all addresses from the list. Then go on reception to the inspector of labour exchanges.
If all companies with employment was denied, the inspector will issue a new list. If some of the interviews went well, the register at the labor exchange, you will be removed.
If the profession is not popular, and there are no suitable vacancies, go retrain and get a new one. In the direction of the exchange can receive a specialty, popular in the labor market.