You will need
  • Passport, work book, certificate of salary
To register as unemployed at the employment center, you need to provide certain documents. The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation is submitted in the first place if he is absent, its substitute. The original or duplicate of a work book, document about education or professional qualification is also required. Income statement for the three months prior to the dismissal from the last job will need to take after receiving a special form for employment exchange.
Required birth certificates to children who are less than 18 years of age. Still need a certificate on the INN assignment, the certificate on statement on the account in the pension Fund, men – military card, if they are dismissed from the interior Ministry or the Ministry of defense provide an extract from the order of dismissal from service.
Former entrepreneurs represent a document from FNS to liquidate their organizations, or documents showing the output of the co-founders. If the place of work was the organization of private entrepreneurs, unincorporated business, it is an employment contract in original, where it should be noted that the insurance contributions paid. If unemployed, student or external party, in September and February, the updates help with the study.
Unemployed can not be recognized by all citizens, not subject to registration at the labour exchange for young people under 16 years of age, persons receiving a retirement pension or at a reduced grid for harm. If a person from the moment of registration at the labor exchange during the 10 days I had to abandon 2 of the options work, it appropriate, even if it is temporary work, registration with the unemployment going to turn him down.
The rejection of 2 proposals profilepicture will also serve as the reason for refusal in registration of the unemployed. False information is forbidden to provide, and shall come to the stock exchange that its employees could find work. Absence of, as inaccurate information will cause denial of registration.
Suitable work is the one that corresponds to the level of professionalism, the last place of work, accessibility and health. Twice the same work or retraining are not available. A year later, since the recognition of suitable unemployed is considered any work, including a cleaner or janitor for a person with higher education, in connection with a large break.