You will need
  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - copy of employment record;
  • - documents confirming education;
  • - identification code;
  • - the pension certificate;
  • - proof of income.
Prepare for the coming dismissal. According to the law of dismissal for downsizing you must notify in advance. Knowing about this news, please contact the employment center and take a sample of income that you have to provide at statement on the account. The fact that it has a slightly different form than commonly used form W-2 with which it is often confused in accounting. To avoid loss of time should do this in advance.
Ask the accountant to reflect a salary for the last year your collaboration with this organization. Count the year exactly from the date of dismissal.
Go to the employment centre no later than fourteen days after the dismissal. This is the time period given to citizens for statement on the account in the employment center, if they don't want to lose money. If you have registered within two weeks after dismissal, you will receive full salary from the former employer, charging him with a certificate of absence of work for three months (the maximum term). The fourth month you will begin to receive benefits from the state. If the check occurred later, the first three months you will not get any money.
If you are fired with a different wording, not to reduce staff, to delay the trip to the employment service is not worth it. After all, you have the right to receive benefits from the first day of registration as unemployed.
Come to a prearranged meeting to the job center twice a month. During these meetings you can offer a position that matches your education and experience. In this case, you are obliged within three working days to go to the interview. Remember that the rejection of the two proposed places of employment shall result in the termination of benefit payments.