You will need
  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - the document on education;
  • - proof of salary from your last job by form of employment service.
Contact office hours in the center of employment at the place of residence with all available documents: passport, labor card with the latest entry of dismissal and a document about education (diploma or certificate, a one indicating the highest level of education attained).
After reviewing your documents, the staff of the center will give you the form of help with the last job on the payroll three months prior to the dismissal.
A certificate is not required for those seeking work for the first time.
If you have no employment record and other substitutive documents, there is enough passport and the document on education.
With the acquired form, contact the accounting Department at the last place of work. There have to fill all required fields and sign the document with the signatures of Director and chief accountant of the organization and seal.
The certificate on form W-2 for the center of employment is not necessary. Only document approved by the service employment form.
With certificate and other documents come to the center of employment. You will be asked to complete the questionnaire.
Specify their requirements for desired job: profession, position, schedule, level of wages, agreed to move to another area, etc. based On these data, the centre's staff will determine what are the available jobs for you. For the failure to work that you deem appropriate, sanctions are imposed.
Think also about filling in the section on public services, which want to obtain from the city centre. Put a checkmark only next to those that actually want to use. Otherwise, in the absence of suitable proposals will impose all marked by you.
After taking the questionnaire, you will be assigned a day and time for the first visit. The entire period of stay in the unemployed status you will have to visit the centre of employment on average 2 times a month. Absence is acceptable only for a valid reason, eg illness.
The first turnout you will also need to bring the passbook, which will give you benefits. Depending on the situation to make it in any branch of the savings Bank or one recommended by the centre of employment. Take the branch where you open an account, its details.