You will need
  • - passport;
  • work - book with the latest entry of dismissal;
  • certificate closure of SP or liquidation of the company (if any);
  • - proof of salary for the year prior to applying to the employment center with the latest work place in the form of the employment center;
  • - the document on education;
  • - birth certificates of children (if any);
  • - the savings account for the calculation of unemployment benefits.
The first thing you will want to see in the centre of employment - your work book with the latest entry of dismissal. When calculating the amount of the benefit can be a value basis for the latter. Dismissed at his own request or for violations of labor discipline is charged only the minimum payment. Those who have lost their jobs due to downsizing or by agreement of the parties, can qualify for more.
If you were an individual entrepreneur or founder of the company, bring a certificate of termination of activities of the individual entrepreneur or liquidation of the enterprise.
You also need the document about education (diploma or certificate) and birth certificates of children.
In the employment center, after reviewing your documents, will give you the form of the inquiry on the salary from the last job. If during the year you changed employers, this document will need from each of them. If you fired more than a year ago, help may not be required.
The form you give to the accounting Department, then, having prepared the document, come to the employment center.
Most likely, by this time you will be advised to open a savings account for the calculation of benefits. In some cases it can be done only in a limited number of branches of Sberbank, a list of which is provided in the employment center.
When you bring to the employment center full package of documents, you will be asked to complete the questionnaire. Basically the questions concern personal data: name, address, passport details etc.
Particularly noteworthy are the sections on requirements to work (here it is better not to be modest, since then on this basis will then be to decide which jobs are suitable for you, and a few refusals of suitable work is fraught with deprivation of the manual) and help center, which you expect to receive: a Handbook on unemployment, finding work, free education, grant, start his business, etc.
Should specify only the ones that really count. Against free education it is better not to deceive ourselves: the number of places on such courses are limited, and the quality of learning can be not up to par.
After registration you will be assigned the first day and time when you will have to report at the employment center. This should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Failure to appear at the appointed time without good cause (as a corroborative document is considered to be sick leave) the threatened deprivation of benefits.