Pregnancy is a complex process, in which the body of the expectant mother carries heavy loads. While there are times when the birth of a child are contraindicated. And early diagnostics will help to learn about it in advance. For example, ectopic pregnancy is a threat to the mother's life, and without examination of the expert to determine it.

Why go to the doctor?

A trip to the gynecologist can properly evaluate the health of the mother and child. First, take tests that say about women's health. They show the presence of inflammation, infection, detect signs that can threaten a pregnancy. The first time it is better to consult the doctor before 12 weeks of pregnancy. At the first examination, the gynecologist will set the timing of conception, and hence the time of the birth of the baby.

If mom's all right, begin a planned observation of a child's development. Modern medicine allows the womb to see how the development of the embryo. For 9 months will be assigned at least three ultrasound in which you will see baby, hear the heartbeat, and the doctor will assess the development of different organs. If you do not attend such procedure, it is possible to miss the moment when something goes wrong. Routine monitoring safe and very effective.

The gynecologist will send the mother for tests to identify defects in the child. Today such studies are necessary to every woman. Early diagnostics identifies genetic disorders like down syndrome. It is important to do these tests in the initial stages, to be able to make a decision about the birth.

A gynecologist can also determine the risk of miscarriage. As the cervix is clear, as is the period of gestation. If there is a need pregnant send "the preservation" in special medical institutions, under the supervision of doctors pregnancy is softer, and reduces the risk of fetal loss. Special procedures facilitate the passage of period, helping to prepare for childbirth.

The frequency of visits to the doctor

Every doctor schedule visits individually. Usually before 24 weeks of pregnancy only one observation per month, if there are no deviations. Meetings then become more frequent until one in three weeks. And before childbirth it is necessary to come for a checkup once a week. In addition, you have to visit an ultrasound and blood tests.

If the first woman turns to the doctor within 10 weeks, it is waiting for a reward. It is paid at birth of a child, is not large, but allows you to buy something for the baby.