This style is good because to sew this skirt can be any length - from mini to Maxi, depending on the desires, the procedure will not change.

As you can guess from the name, this skirt consists of four panels-wedges. It is better to sew from a fabric that is easy to form the folds, such as silk, chiffon, fine wool.

To build a pattern, you will need the following measurements: waist, hips and the distance between the yardstick vertically, and the length of the skirt.

On a large sheet of paper (tracing paper, drawing paper, glued on a few papers) building a pattern, where AB= ¼ of waist, GD=a quarter of the volume of the thighs, AG=the distance between levels at which you measured the waist and hip measurement.=the length of the product.

Not sure where in the figure the dotted line, draw a smooth curve, otherwise the bottom of the skirt will look sloppy. From point b to the line AB, the shortest distance should be approximately 1-2 cm (depending on your size), the same distance at the hem - about 4 cm.

Please note that as usual arrow shows the direction of the grain lines.

How much you will need fabric depends on the width, but probably not less than two of the length of the finished skirt. Also buy the zipper in fabric color.

When cutting keep in mind that the stitches need to leave about 1 cm, Stolk on the hem bottom. Do not forget to find the belt, whose length must be greater than the waist size by 4-5 cm and a width twice the desired width of the finished belt skirt (2-5 cm).

The sewing process is simple - sew the wedges between, sew-in side zipper, sewn belt, filed the bottom of the skirt. Preliminary details can be deal thishas the stitching, the fabric is not showered.