Advice 1: How to sew a skirt chetyrehkolka?

Summer or winter wardrobe is very easy and simple you can diversify if you can sew a skirt chetyrehkolka. Of course you can make something more interesting and unusual, but the cut of the skirt just cut out, and sits well on any figure. Trends change, but classics are eternal!
sew the skirt chetyrehkolka

This style is good because to sew this skirt can be any length - from mini to Maxi, depending on the desires, the procedure will not change.

As you can guess from the name, this skirt consists of four panels-wedges. It is better to sew from a fabric that is easy to form the folds, such as silk, chiffon, fine wool.

To build a pattern, you will need the following measurements: waist, hips and the distance between the yardstick vertically, and the length of the skirt.

On a large sheet of paper (tracing paper, drawing paper, glued on a few papers) building a pattern, where AB= ¼ of waist, GD=a quarter of the volume of the thighs, AG=the distance between levels at which you measured the waist and hip measurement.=the length of the product.

Not sure where in the figure the dotted line, draw a smooth curve, otherwise the bottom of the skirt will look sloppy. From point b to the line AB, the shortest distance should be approximately 1-2 cm (depending on your size), the same distance at the hem - about 4 cm.

Please note that as usual arrow shows the direction of the grain lines.

How much you will need fabric depends on the width, but probably not less than two of the length of the finished skirt. Also buy the zipper in fabric color.

When cutting keep in mind that the stitches need to leave about 1 cm, Stolk on the hem bottom. Do not forget to find the belt, whose length must be greater than the waist size by 4-5 cm and a width twice the desired width of the finished belt skirt (2-5 cm).

The sewing process is simple - sew the wedges between, sew-in side zipper, sewn belt, filed the bottom of the skirt. Preliminary details can be deal thishas the stitching, the fabric is not showered.

Advice 2: How to sew a pleated skirt

Pleated skirt have to be in the wardrobe of any fashionista. However, not always possible to find exactly the model that will perfectly fit for particular figure. In this case, there is only one way out – to sew a pleated skirt. In order to facilitate the task, you can use the option without the prior pattern.
How to sew a pleated skirt
You will need
  • cloth;
  • - scissors;
  • - iron
  • - pins;
  • - the tape;
  • - threads;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - tailor's chalk.
Remove the three measurements: waist, hip and length.
Fabric measure the length of the skirt taking into account allowances for seams and hem the bottom.
Calculate the width of a panel based on the depth of sweet, which should be two widths.
Cut the fabric from edge to edge. In the same way has been second and third panels of the product.
Lay the cloth wrong side on the table and mark the line of the hips. Aside from the upper edge of the height of the hips. Add 1 cm allowance for a stitched belt.
Check the depth and width of the folds of tailor's chalk. Sweeps and proutyuzhte folds.
However on the reverse side of the cloth skirt on the side of cut. Sew the seams. Follow one of them from the bottom to the hip line, then prostrochite perpendicular to the line of joining of the edges of the folds. Sewn allowances of seams.
Keen belt to the upper cut of the skirt. Try on the product.
Excess length cut off for the upper cut of the skirt. Remove the excess width in the depth of wrinkles.
Incise the deep pleats at the rear edge neprestannoe incision. Leave a 0.5 cm uncut tissue to the point of convergence of the edges of the folds.
Keen and proutyuzhte the depth of the folds.
Lay the zipper under the edge of the cut. Pristrochite on the edge. Do the same with the second half of the zipper.
Sew the waistband.
The number of folds must equal the circumference of the hips, given extra thickness divided by the width of the folds. To skirt visually seemed to be a single entity, the joints grinding should be located in the inner part of the folds and number of folds must be a multiple of the number of panels.
Useful advice
When buying fabric, always add allowances for seams, hem the bottom and the seams. Consider the width of the banded zone. The total width of the fabric for sewing skirts in the crease should always be equal to three girths of your hips, plus four inches for freedom of movement. Skirt will fall in beautiful folds and have the same length, if in the middle of the back and front pieces make the cut at a depth of 1.5 cm of the Edges of the cutouts being eroded to the sides.

Advice 3: How to sew a skirt with gussets

Skirt wedges always looks impressive on the female figure, emphasizing the hips. The pomp is achieved without the aid of a frame or a multilayer lining, and due to the expansion of the wedges that make the bottom line flying.
How to sew a skirt with gussets
You will need
  • Cloth;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - thread to match the fabric;
  • - elastic band.
Future measure the length of the skirt from waist to desired location. Increase the length by half. That is how much you will need fabric for the top skirt and lining - 15 cm less. Choosing the material for sewing, please note that the greater the width, the greater the magnitude of the wedges down, that will make the skirt more poofy. Fabric from natural fibers before we will open necessarily wash. When selecting natural cotton or flax do not forget to make allowance for shrinkage.
Fabricate the pattern. Measure around your hips, add to the resulting figure 3cm and divide the result by 8. Get the size of the narrow part of the wedge. Measure the middle and down to the height of the wedge perpendicular to the guide line. From below at an angle of 90 degrees in both directions from this line print the line. The bottom of the wedge should be wide as much as allows the width of the fabric. On each side of the wedge, leave 1.5 cm for seam. Laying out pattern pieces, make sure that the lobe filament was parallel to the edge of the fabric. Padding in cutting work, make the wedges to 10cm shorter.
The long side of the wedges sewn on the serger or regular sewing machine seam "zigzag", then sew. Ratatouille seams. The same operations repeat with lining fabric. Sewn top and bottom edge of the skirt. Ruffles for cutting of fabric long strips of the desired width. Length ruffles should be twice the width of the skirt at the bottom. Pin it to the bottom of the padding, forming neat folds at regular intervals. Pristrochite.
Take a break zone length is equal to waist circumference and a width of 10cm. Fold the waistband in half lengthwise and pin it to two skirts at once. Sour cream and prostrochite. To keep the form, insert the wide stiff elastic band. The top of the skirt can be decorated with pockets. Make pattern pocket. Roskrow, on top of parts sew the elastic. Then sew already gathered pockets to the skirt.
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