Regardless of whether you are sewing a skirt of ruffles or wedges, it must meet several requirements – the skirt should be long, wide, and accentuate the hips.
The easiest option dance skirt – this skirt is gathered from the ruffles. This skirt will easily sew even a beginner seamstress. For this skirt you will need the fabric that you cut into strips with a width of 15-20 cm From a different cloth vykroyte belt-yoke width of 20 cm to the yoke fit better on the figure, sew it out of stretchy knit.
Calculate the length of the first ruffle of the skirt, multiply the waist circumference in centimeters by 1.5 or 2. To determine the length of the following ruffles, multiply by 1.5 or 2 the length of the previous ruffles; and the same principle calculate the length of all the other frills.
On each make easy ruffle pleating, and then sew it into a ring. Sew to the bottom part of the finished ruffles new, previously terminating at its upper edge pleating. To make the skirt look more original, you can make some ruffles of lace or fabric of a different color.
You can also sew a skirt a more complex cut – flared skirt to the yoke. The width of the line click at your own discretion – it could be "bell", "sun" or "double sun". For sewing this skirt, as for the previous one, no need to build the pattern – it is marked directly on the fabric.
To skirt the "bell" you need a smooth half-circle cut from fabric – in this case the skirt will be one seam. Separately take the yoke, on the basis of the height of the hip line and waist circumference.