You will need
  • - pattern-based skirt;
  • - a large sheet of paper;
  • - tracing;
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • - protractor;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Skirt you can sew in two ways. Wedges can be one-piece, and casting. For both ways you need to build wykroje-based straight skirt.
Put the drawing on a sheet of paper, extend it to the desired length. Then at the height of the hips split in half and the front and rear cloth, draw a vertical line. Transfer the Darts on these lines without changing their size.
Now form a line. Usually do recklessne below the hip line by 10-30 cm Aside the necessary amount from the line of the femur and draw a horizontal line. The point of intersection with the vertical lines will become vertices of the angles of a wedge. Label them with the letter K.
Depending on how lush you want to make the bottom of the skirt, the angle can be from 30 to 180 degrees. Construct the angles with vertices at the points To, the bottom line is make a smooth line. The length of the sides and height of the corners must be equal.
With the help of tracing paper, turn the drawing of each wedge separately (you should have 4 parts). You can start cutting on the fabric. Please note that each wedge cuts out two parts. In the same way you can carve out a skirt consisting of 4, 6 or 12 wedges.
How to build a pattern Godet skirt
To make the pattern sewn wedge the year, draw a circle whose radius should be equal to the desired length of the wedge. Now select the width. It may be 1/6 of a circle (60 degrees) and ¼ (90 degrees), ¾ or even a full circle. All depends on the model of the skirt and your desires.
How to build a pattern Godet skirt
Pattern-based divide, as described in step number 2, check the height of vrachevanie wedge. The pattern is ready.
Based on the basic pattern you can create a huge number of diverse models. Experiment with the number of wedges, their length and width, add in a wedge or fan-shaped pleats make it multi-layered of different fabrics. The effect is simply stunning.