Set the sewing machine foot for sewing zipper, and then take billet of your skirt and baste the zipper by hand on the right side of the cut for the zipper. Primitivity the zipper from the top down, retreating from the teeth to 0.3 cm.
Then baste from the bottom up the second part of the zipper to the left of the cut, departing from the fold of the skirt by 1 cm so that the edge of the bend blocked the left side. Make sure that the lightning was tacked on symmetrically and the product was not peretyagivaet and not his neck.
Stitch the zipper on the sewing machine, and then remove the hand basting thread. The bottom edge of the zipper insert into the product.
Sometimes the zipper you want to sew in a new product, and to alter, replacing the broken clasp with a new. In this case, measure the broken zipper and get at the fabric store and accessories the buckle of the same type and size.
With the help of a seam Ripper or manicure scissors gently fight back the old zipper from the skirt. Broken zipper discard. On the front side of the product mark the line of stitching, nametov it manually, and attach to the new seam of the zipper so that the teeth were visible outside.
Baste zipper in a contrasting thread pin or tailor's pins. Using a special foot, and pristrochite zipper on the front side, starting at the lower end, and then remove the basting thread and pull it from its tissue fastening pins.
You can also sew the zipper by means of ordinary feet, channeling the line a few millimeters from the zipper teeth.