Skirt this cut looks great in any light fabric. It can be sew as an independent thing, or as a skirt for dress or sundress almost any style of top. If you are looking for the pattern for warm skirts or skirts of thick fabric, better to stay at least for "the bell" or chetyrehsot. For thick fabric perfect pattern straight skirt.

The skirt is flared, you can sew almost any length. Mini sun well accentuate long slender legs, and Maxi-the sun will create a wonderfully delicate silhouette with a slim waist. If you need elegant skirt, which adds a touch of romance, choose this style.

Build the pattern

To build the pattern, measure the waist. You will also need to determine the desired length of the skirt. If you are unsure of your sewing skills, you first construct a pattern on paper. The pattern of the skirt consists of two concentric circles (see figure), where the length of the smaller circle is equal to the waist (or a little more to prisborivat fabric on the belt, if you want to get the skirt puffier). An experienced seamstress can be limited to not full-size pattern, but a small sketch with accurate dimensions.

When buying fabric specify its width. As a minimum you will need two lengths of skirt. If any tissue, we have obtained the pattern cut in half and cut two halves "of the sun".

Don't forget to cut out and belt skirt (rectangle located on the of equity, the length of which is equal to the amount of waist+2.5 cm for the clasp).

Sewing skirts

If a skirt made entirely on the side make a slit and sew the zipper. If the two halves, then sew the halves, one of the seams sew the zipper. Sew the waistband, a button to fasten at the end of the belt. The bottom of the skirt tighten up and filed. It is better that the hem was not great.

If desired, the skirt can be finished with lace or flounces.