Materials and tools

Sew the circle skirt medium length is enough to have two meters cutting of the skin. In addition, you will need a lock "lightning" with a length of approximately 15 cm, consumables, and special silicone "foot" for sewing machines. The product made of leather or imitation leather does not require lining, but if you want you can buy satin or other lining fabric and stitch the petticoat.

To build a pattern, prepare a flipchart or roll of paper of suitable size, markers, chalk or soap to transfer the drawing. Not to be redundant "French" pins: they will fix the paper sample on the fabric.

Pattern circle skirt

Cut a paper square the size of the flap of tissue and fold in four. For the construction of the pattern need only two parameters: the waist and the desired length of the skirt. Will have to remember the school course of geometry to calculate the radius of waist girth. However, the calculation is simple and is carried out according to the formula: (+5cm) / 2 π (where π ≈ 3,14). Construct a circle with that radius with the center at the corner of the pattern, which is the center of the square.

Now, when you received the waist, put the desired length of the skirt from the rim and build another one, with a large radius. Cut the pattern and place it on the fabric. When you transfer you must add a seam 5 mm on each side.

A paper pattern is not necessary to build a whole, enough 1/4 of the circle, which you can then pin to four times the folded piece of fabric to cut out the circle skirt.

If you decide to complement your new dress with podobnikar, it is possible to tailor either the same way that the skirt, or patterned pencil skirt.

Tips for sewing skirts

The belt can be made as elastic and hard. Rigid belt need a strip of cloth 5 cm wide and of length equal to the girth of the waist seam. For this style you will also need to sew the zipper usually in the back.

If you want a circle skirt in a fashionable cut baby doll with belt is elastic, then, firstly, you will need more fabric, and secondly, the waist will need to add five or twenty or even twenty-five centimeters.