Advice 1: How to sew a leather skirt

Leather skirt is indispensable in the autumn fashionista wardrobe. Popular in the ' 90s, the trend returned to the catwalks and has won the adoration of the "stars" of film and stage. Through this master class you will sew a leather circle skirt independently, without overpaying for the brand.
Not far behind the recognized idols and fashion bloggers, dressed in skirts of leather of all colors.

Materials and tools

Sew the circle skirt medium length is enough to have two meters cutting of the skin. In addition, you will need a lock "lightning" with a length of approximately 15 cm, consumables, and special silicone "foot" for sewing machines. The product made of leather or imitation leather does not require lining, but if you want you can buy satin or other lining fabric and stitch the petticoat.

To build a pattern, prepare a flipchart or roll of paper of suitable size, markers, chalk or soap to transfer the drawing. Not to be redundant "French" pins: they will fix the paper sample on the fabric.

Pattern circle skirt

Cut a paper square the size of the flap of tissue and fold in four. For the construction of the pattern need only two parameters: the waist and the desired length of the skirt. Will have to remember the school course of geometry to calculate the radius of waist girth. However, the calculation is simple and is carried out according to the formula: (+5cm) / 2 π (where π ≈ 3,14). Construct a circle with that radius with the center at the corner of the pattern, which is the center of the square.

Now, when you received the waist, put the desired length of the skirt from the rim and build another one, with a large radius. Cut the pattern and place it on the fabric. When you transfer you must add a seam 5 mm on each side.

A paper pattern is not necessary to build a whole, enough 1/4 of the circle, which you can then pin to four times the folded piece of fabric to cut out the circle skirt.

If you decide to complement your new dress with podobnikar, it is possible to tailor either the same way that the skirt, or patterned pencil skirt.

Tips for sewing skirts

The belt can be made as elastic and hard. Rigid belt need a strip of cloth 5 cm wide and of length equal to the girth of the waist seam. For this style you will also need to sew the zipper usually in the back.

If you want a circle skirt in a fashionable cut baby doll with belt is elastic, then, firstly, you will need more fabric, and secondly, the waist will need to add five or twenty or even twenty-five centimeters.

Advice 2: How to cut a circle skirt

Most fashionistas prefer loose skirt-sun with lots of folds. The girl in this dress looks very gentle and romantic. Free style and middle-length skirt makes this model very popular to visit for work and for evening walks. The pattern of this skirt is very simple and easy you can sew it yourself. However the fabric on this skirt will take quite a lot.
How to cut a circle skirt
For the pattern of the skirt-the sun remove the two measurements: - poluobhvat waist (Sweat) and the skirt length (Du). Pattern skirts-the sun looks like a circle with a Central recess, the radius of which is calculated by the formula: R = 1/3 * Pot – 1, see the Pattern of the skirt can be without a seam or with two seams, it all depends on the width of the fabric under the pattern.
Expand the fabric and place on top of fabric the skirt length taking into account the allowances for ACC two, three centimeters, plus the radius of the recess. Mark the point and from it, draw a circle with a radius calculated by the formula plus the length of the skirt and the seam. The sides of the recess under the waist, add one inch. For sewing skirts without seams, you will need a piece of fabric with a length equal to four lengths of skirts, plus four radius recesses at the waist plus 10 cm.
Cut out the pattern, baste, and then sew the side sections, leaving one of them about 15-20 cm under the clasp. Sutures can be placed both behind and in front and on the sides.
Sewn sections and vsheyte gently clasp.
The upper section can be handled by the zone or the original braid. Posate the bottom of the skirt on the seam. After all work is completed, Tutuila skirt.

Advice 3: How to sew a skirt with lining

Lining, filed under skirt, performs several tasks. This skirt will not Shine if it is made of very thin fabric. It won't crease if you have to sit a long time. Skirt will be perfect to cling or to fall, even if you wear it with tights. Especially these advantages are evident in the pencil skirt.
How to sew a skirt with lining
Make pattern standard duhovnoi skirt. Its length depends on your preference and figure. That pencil skirt is sitting, this drawing need to change a little.
Reduce the width of the skirt hem. From the line of the side seam hem put 2 cm in order to make narrower the skirt. Locate on a drawing the intersection of the hip line and side seam. Start from this point down to 8 see this, swipe down the line to the points obtained for the bottom line.
To narrow skirt allow you to move freely, make one or two cuts. If you want to do the work as quickly as possible, leave the cuts right and left on the seam lines. Note on the pattern height and sewing just fold and finish the edges of the fabric.
Instead of cuts to make the slot on the back panel of the skirt. To do this, this part should be cut out not from a single sheet of fabric and two halves. Measure the hem height, knee-length put on the medial seam point. The left half of the cloth will need to bend and hem, and the right side to carve out a rectangular piece (width 8 cm) and fold in half, forming a slot with a width of 4 cm.
Transfer the pattern to the fabric (adding seam 2-4 cm). Duplicate it on fabric for padding choose a sliding material, which fit in color and will not be electrified. This part must be shorter than the skirt to reach the beginning of the slots or cut-outs.
First treat the lining. Fold and hem the skirt, finish the Darts, side seams. Sometimes to simplify the work on the deposits instead of the tucks make pleats. However, such a model will look less neat.
Sweeps the details of the skirt. Treat Darts, side seams, hem. Connect the lining to the skirt at the belt line, then sew the waistband. Try on the skirt. If it fits, make the seams on the machine, starting with zone and moving down.

Advice 4: How to sew a circle skirt

A circle skirt or a flared skirt is one of the most simple and at the same time one of the most spectacular models. This skirt casual suits women of any figure, it gives the silhouette a femininity. The pattern "sun" is a great circle, whose radius depends on the length of the product, and the smaller circle located in the center - the length of its circumference equal to the circumference of the waist. Such a pattern can be built right into the fabric.
How to sew a circle skirt
You will need
  • cloth;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - thin interlining;
  • - concealed back zip;
  • - a sewing machine.
Remove the two measurements: waist circumference (FROM) and length (DI). These two measurements are sufficient for the construction of the pattern "sun".
Calculate the amount of fabric required to sew the skirt flared. If you are going to sew is not a very long skirt, the fabric needs to be taken from calculate two lengths plus two times the radius of the inner circumference calculated according to the following formula: 1/6 of the waist circumference – 1 cm.
For a long skirt-the sun will need to calculate the fabric consumption based on a certain length. Convenient to use for this paper models pattern, reduced by 10 times. Such semi-circular draw layouts on paper and then attach them to the same drawn on a paper strip conventional "tissue" is reduced 10 times width. The length of the strip, which will fit the two halves of the pattern (between them leave a small gap for the belt, if provided by the model) multiplied by 10, is the desired length of the cut tissue.
Before you reveal the fabric wash, dry and iron along the grain lines, so the material gave the desired shrinkage.
If the width of the fabric allows you to carve out once the whole skirt as a whole (with a small length of the product), then fold the fabric in half first along the grain lines face inward, and then another two on the weft thread. From the top of the corner, where there is not a single tissue section (some bends), draw an arc with a radius R1 equal to (1/6 FROM – 1) cm From the same point do a second arc with radius R2 equal to R1 + D. Give allowances on the bottom of the garment 1 cm in the upper slice, 1.5 cm
In case of long products, lay fabric in a single layer, face down and unfold it. From the upper left corner put a distance equal to DI + 1 cm + R1. From the resulting point will watertite two semicircles with radii R2 R1и. The second half of the skirt will draw in the same way, but start from the bottom right corner.
Between the two parts of the sun will draw, if necessary, the waistband on the bias, i.e. at an angle of 45 degrees to the equity line. The pattern belt is an elongated rectangle with a width equal to twice the width of the belt in finished form plus allowances at 1.5 cm, and length equal to the circumference of the waist + 1-2 cm (freedom fit) + allowances at 1.5 cm.
Take the two main parts of the skirt and hang them for a few hours at the top of the slices, in the wet state, and then smooth in the direction of the equity line. It is necessary to further align the bottom line.
Sew, if you have the side seams of the skirt, leaving the left seam-free zipper, shorter, 2 cm Ratatouille and sewn allowances "zigzag" or on the serger.
Tacite hidden "zipper." Pre-glue the allowances under the zipper with a thin interlining and their zautyuzhte on the wrong side.
The belt also glue interlining. Fold it in half wrong side inside and priutyuzhte. Now fold the waistband inside out and sew short sections, remove them and priutyuzhte. Sew the waistband folded the skirt and handle the slices. Zautyuzhte allowances upstairs.
Treat hem "zigzag", and then seam itagiba with an open cut. Delicate fabric can be sew by hand.

Advice 5: How to sew a pencil skirt without a pattern

Formfitting, narrowed skirt never goes out of fashion. This style has no age restrictions, suitable for women with any body shape, fits perfectly both in classical and in romantic style. It is also important that easily sew a pencil skirt can even aspiring mistress, not able to build patterns.
Pencil skirt


How to choose the material for the tapered skirt

Before you sew a pencil skirt, it is necessary to pay due attention to the choice of fabric. Choosing the right colors will help to emphasize the dignity and hide figure flaws. Thus, full women should choose a monochromatic fabric or with a small figure; soft, well-draped bright or shiny fabrics will only fit the young and slender girls.

If the pencil skirt is meant for evening walks, trips to restaurants, night clubs or on friendly parties, it is appropriate will look denim, velvet or brocade fabrics, artificial or genuine leather. Beginners to the needle, it is recommended to pay attention to quality knitwear.

How to sew a simple pencil skirt without a pattern

To sew a stylish and elegant skirt with your hands without the construction of the pattern, you will need a piece of knitted fabric, wide elastic band and any skirt with a good fit.

Knitted fabric is folded in half, face side inside, it features a skirt, acting as a sample pattern. Skirt round the outline with chalk and cut out leaving a small seam allowance. To model took the form of a pencil skirt slightly tauziat in the lower part so that the upper and lower cut tissue had almost the same width.

Fitting and shutdown

During the fitting, you must ensure that the skirt has a good fit, beautifully fitted through the hips, but not too tight buttocks. In this case, it is recommended on the back panel of the skirt to make a shallow tuck. Usually tuck in the hollows of the back, located on both sides of the spine.

The only smatyvay seam and stitch on the machine, if necessary, treating the fabric with a serger. From gum measure out a piece equal to the tight waist, and then connecting the cut edges machine stitching.

A ring of gum is combined with the upper seam pencil skirt, fix a few tailor's pins, namachivajut and stitch on the sewing machine using a zigzag seam. Then turn the elastic to the wrong side and point fix in several places.

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