The materials for the skirt

In order to make a long skirt, great skill is required. You will need only fabric, the tape, tailor chalk, thread to match the fabric, zipper or elastic, sewing machine and serger. If the latter is not, include cut matter for processing with the nearest tailor's shop or a fabric store.

Stop your choice on a simple cut of the skirt. The easiest way to sew a product of two or four large wedges. The waist can be made on elastic or a zipper. The easiest option is the elastic band. Style chiffon is not hurt.

The process of sewing a long skirt

First check your settings: FROM (waist), ABOUT (hips) and the length of the product. Then purchase the fabric. For sewing you need with a width of 150 cm two length of the main fabric and is slightly less than the lining (so the lining wasn't peeking out from under the chiffon). For example, if the expected product length is 110 cm, then you need to buy the main fabric: 110 cm x 2 + 3 cm (ACC) + 7 cm (belt) = 230 cm Lining: 100 x 2 + 3 cm (for ACC) = 203 cm

Make a simple pattern of one of the wedge – ¼ of the whole skirt. All wedges are the same. For this, divide by 8. On tracing paper, drawing paper or drawing paper draw a straight line equal to the length of product + 0.5 cm From the upper edge count in any direction the result is equal to ABOUT / 8 + 0.5 cm, put a dot and swipe from it parallel to the first straight line.

Then select the angle of expansion of your future skirt. If you want to make it very curvy, then choose an angle of about 25-30 degrees, and if the average splendor, it is more acute – 10-15 degrees. Please note that the greater the angle, the wider the skirt hem. Keep the width of the lower edge of the product does not exceed 3/5 of the width of the fabric. If you wish to stitch very wide and magnificent product, then you'll have to buy a fabric based on 4 length of the product.

At a selected angle guide straight down a distance equal to the length of the skirt. Then from the first vertical (middle) line down othertime 0.5 cm using patterns connect the resulting point to the start point of the second straight line. You will get waist line. Do the same with the lower points. Repeat all steps in the mirror image from the first straight line. You will receive one of the four wedges of the skirt.

Both the fabric wash, dry and iron. Then cut out the pattern 4 details of the main skirt and 4 pieces of lining. The median line of the pattern must match the shared thread of the fabric. Chiffon vykroyte zone. Its length should be equal to ABOUT + 4 cm, and width - 6.7 cm depending on the size of gum and your preferences.

The edges of all parts on the serger and sew the side seams of the wedges is made of chiffon and the lining. Treat hem skirt and podobnik. Fold both parts wrong side together and sew on the front side of the top edges together on the machine a major step.

The edges of the belt stitch between to make a circle and sew to the skirt. Pass to waist wide elastic band and attrocity in the middle of the middle step. Sew the satin loops on the sides of the belt from the inside for convenient storage on her shoulders.

Your product is ready. May it pleases you and others.