Measure the circumference of their hips. For example, it is equal to the ideal size of 90 cm Cut out fabric rectangle with sides 20 cm (+3 cm for seams) common thread and 90 cm (+5 cm for loose fit and 3 cm for seams). In the end, you should get the pattern 23 x 98 cm This is the yoke of our products. Sewn the edges on the perimeter.
Measure the waist circumference. It is again equal to the classical size of 60 cm is so much we need a beautiful wide elastic bands to make her belt. Grind the yoke with the belt on the wide edge. Moreover, the edge patterns we will be on the wrong side, and the edge of the gum (she's beautiful!) on the front.
To cut out a rectangle of fabric for the first tier of size 130 cm (98 cm coquette +32 cm at a nightclub) in width and 40 cm in length on a common thread. Ormative it on the short side and folded on the long. Fold in half lengthwise and obtained the middle of a grind with the yoke. We must have two parallel hanging from the front yoke of the Shuttle.
To cut out a rectangle 170 cm (130 cm in the first tier of + 40 cm for fluffiness) wide and 50 cm long. Repeat the edges. Fold it in half and grind the middle on the reverse flounce, again gathering the folds to match in size. Get the second tier of our cascade skirt. At this stage, its length is equal to 20+18+23=Continuing 61 see further, you can sew one or two layers to get a long skirt to the floor to Kankan. The final operation is the neat stitching along the skirt from the elastic to the hem.
There is another equally effective option of tailoring this dance costume. Since the whole beauty of the dress needs to be seen, and the view in Kankan appears when raising the hem, the option is justified. Take the fabric and cut from it a circle. The sizes are calculated like this: two lengths + 25 cm = the diameter of the circle.
Cut in the middle of a circle with a diameter of 22 cm For the fold the fabric in half several times like cutting out snowflakes, and measure from the center 11 see the sector Cut and finish the edges of the fabric. Grab a rubber band as previous cut and sew it according to the diameter of the cut circle.
Take colored wide ribbon (preferably satin) and sew them in a spiral around the circumference, a little priborika, on the reverse side. It is not at all the canvas and stepping back from the belt 20 cm, as if labeling the yoke, and to the floor. The last flounce is possible to sew to the edge of the main cloth of the skirt. This outfit is suitable for dancing on stage. In everyday life this kind of skirt usually wear.