You will need
  • The main fabric, adhesive fabric, scissors, thread in the tone of the main cloth, pins, needles, ruler, chalk.
Very often the work is stopped on the belt. To sew the waistband to the skirt correctly and accurately requires some knowledge.
First you need to prepare yourself a belt. For this fabric the common thread cut out a strip width of 6-7 cm and make a raise in allowances of approximately 2 cm Length of the belt should be the waist and 7 cm, which have the allowances and on the zipper.
To the next zone kept the form, it needs to duplicate. This requires the adhesive fabric from which to cut out a strip the length and width of the belt. On the wrong side of the future zone in the upper part, departing from the upper edge by the amount of seam allowance, place a strip of glue and pressed with an iron.
After that, the item is folded in half inside out and sew around the edges, going for the corners about 1.5 cm seam Allowances at the corners cut out, and at the end of lines on each side make the notch. Then the waist twist, straighten corners and priorivet.
The zone of impose face on the front side of the skirt combine slices namachivajut and paving machine stitching from the belt. Then the seam round the waist, tuck his free cut on the wrong side (slice, you can just neaten to avoid layering) and namachivajut. Machine seam lay the front side or edge of the belt, either directly in the seam of primaqiune.
The finished product should be well ironed.