For a start, check your system skin care face. You may not fit in some cosmetic products, adversely affecting sensitive skin and you need to change them.
If the skin is prone to the appearance of vascular lesions, stop using an ordinary peeling, and get an enzymatic or gentle peel.
Buy cosmetics, which has additional caring effect on sensitive skin, moisturizes it and strengthens blood vessels. This makeup may contain as active ingredients vitamin C, vitamin e, vitamin K, mountain Arnica, witch hazel, Japanese Ginkgo, flowers of the wild Myrtle.
Pay attention to your diet – it also affects the condition of the vessel. Eliminate from the diet heavy, greasy and too hot food, as well as hot and spicy spices. Avoid foods and drinks that increase blood pressure.
Include in the diet are broccoli, black currants, grapes, citrus, cherries, blackberries, and buckwheat and parsley. Useful to drink a decoction of oak bark and horsetail.
If diet and proper skin care do not help to get rid of spider veins, contact the experts-cosmetologists that will help to restore the old skin using modern procedures.
If the skin appeared small spider veins are not more than a millimeter thick, will suit you photocoagulation or laser sclerotherapy. These methods allow you to quickly and effectively address education, not causing you pain and bleeding. Two months after a few sessions of treatments you will get rid of unwanted defects. More expensive but more effective treatment is ozone therapy – injection ozone and oxygen in the vessel.
If the affected vessels width more than 1 mm, you will need sclerotherapy, in which dilated vessels entered a special drug, bonding the walls of the veins.
If violations have become a major scale, all the previous methods will have no effect, the output will be the surgeon who removes the defective blood vessels and examine the blood stream. The operation leaves no scars, is under anesthesia and does not cause discomfort to patients.