Blood vessels in the eyes is very thin, so the first to suffer. They usually burst from the constant eye strain and fatigue. Prolonged work at the computer without breaks, sleepless nights, bright light halogen lamp, and nicotine can cause rupture of capillaries in the eye. Even a long stay in an air-conditioned unfavorably to the human eye.

Try to give your eyes a rest. When working on the computer after 15-20 minutes make a break in work, leaving your monitor. During the holidays don't read or watch TV to give your eyes to relax completely.

Get more fresh air, but protect your eyes from wind, dust and sun that dry up the mucous. Wash your eyes with cold water to improve their blood circulation.

Nutrition is important in the health of blood vessels. To your blood vessels was strong, eat more fruit and vegetables which have dark green color. For example, lettuce, spinach, and broccoli. These vegetables contain the largest amount of substances that strengthen the eye capillaries. When the pain can begin to drip eye drops "visine".

Another common cause of the destruction of capillaries can be fragile blood vessels. So if you often burst blood vessels in the eyes, check blood glucose and prothrombin, as well as monitor your blood pressure.

To provoke ocular hemorrhage can visit the sauna and steam rooms, saunas, high physical exertion, changes in blood pressure. Beriberi can also cause rupture of the eye capillaries, so in early spring start taking vitamins and try to eat foods containing rutin and ascorbic acid.

If the tests show you are normal and the blood pressure is normal, but blood vessels in her eyes burst anyway, go to the ophthalmologist. The cause may be a vascular problem, the violation of intraocular pressure or infectious diseases, such as conjunctivitis. Only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe the necessary treatment.