The most common causes of pain in the veins of the hands

The phenomenon of pain in the veins in the wrist can result from a number of causes, such as genetic predisposition, cardiovascular disease, poor blood circulation, past injury, excess weight, Smoking. In addition, people who regularly heavily loaded in the region of the shoulder girdle (e.g., professional athletes, porters, etc.) could manifest the syndrome of Paget-Schretter. Its symptoms – a sharp thickening of the veins, often accompanied by severe "bursting" pain and feeling of heaviness in the limbs.

Pain in the veins of the hands may also indicate a partial blockage of the subclavian vein. While most patients dramatically reduces the sensitivity of the skin, and the skin becomes pale. Finally, the reason for this phenomenon may be varicose veins.

To determine the reason why sore wrists, can only be a doctor after a thorough examination. It is therefore recommended to consult with a qualified specialist – phlebologist (physician specializing in the treatment of vein diseases).
If this is not possible, contact your surgeon or the traumatologist.

Treatment of pain in the veins of the hands

After examination and diagnosis, the doctor selects the appropriate treatment method. It may be the medication that reduces the flexibility of venous walls, increasing their tone, and stimulating the bloodstream. For example, such a combined effect has the drug "Detralex".
A complete analogue of this branded drug is the drug "Benarus".

Patients may be prescribed other medications, e.g. blood thinners. When strong pain specialist may prescribe pain medication.

Of course, during treatment, people should seek to minimize the load on the hands.

If medical therapy does not lead to noticeable improvements of the state, it is necessary to resort to surgical intervention. During postoperative period it is necessary to refrain from strenuous exercise on hand, and hot tubs. Hand wash, use moderately warm water. Also useful light massage of hands with the use of healing creams, ointments. In some cases, the patient may be assigned exercises for the hands.