The main method of dealing with spider veins is a direct strengthening of the venous walls using physical activity and special water treatments. To fix the effect by choosing the right clothes and underwear.
As the main harm to the feet causes the long standing and sitting, try to regularly stretch your stiff limbs. This can be done, shifting from foot to foot , or gently rising on the toes, not sitting still for a long time – get up from my chair every 40-50 minutes. During the working day, preferably 10-15 minutes to take a horizontal position and put it under the extended leg cushion or hard cushion. To cope with stagnation in the veins will help regular fitness training, dancing, Cycling.
Good effect in the struggle with asterisks give water treatments. Importantly, the water was cool. On the advice of a physician for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins you can use a contrast shower. Special medicated creams and ointments are also used to relieve pain and heaviness in the legs. However, some cosmetics can not completely solve the problem.
To restore the cells of blood vessels diet rich in foods with a high content of vitamins P and E, ascorbic acid (rose hips, black currant, red currant, citrus, tomatoes, beef liver, sea fish, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, nuts, olive oil, green tea).
Watch carefully that the clothes were not tight elastic bands. Give preference to natural fabrics, loose fit garments, wear shoes on a small steady heel. These measures will help overcome the existing spider veins and avoid their recurrence.