Prolonged viewing of series on TV or video on a computer monitor can easily cause redness of the eyes. The doctors in these cases say about the lack of sliseobrazutee, or the syndrome of "dry eye". This same syndrome may occur if for a long time to be in the room where the conditioner is installed. With dry eyes to fight is simple: drink plenty of pure water (up to 2 liters per day), blink more often and in any case do not RUB eyes. If necessary, you can resort to the drops artificial tears.Cause redness of the eye can be ruptured vessel, doctors call it a subconjunctival hemorrhage. The blood vessels in the eyes often burst in hypertensive patients and diabetics, but it can happen to completely healthy people. For example, during a severe vomiting, cough, lifting heavy objects, women at childbirth. Bloodstained eyeball has a pretty awesome view, but the discomfort it usually does not cause (in addition to moral discomfort) and goes without a trace after 1-3 weeks.The eyes can react with redness to allergens – pollen, dust, cosmetics, gasoline, acetone, and spices. In this case, the possible complications of acute or chronic conjunctivitis.Some people can't wear contact lenses their eyeballs turn red, there is a "sand effect" in the eye's, pain. Often this is due to unsuitable lenses, and in some cases, individual intolerance.Finally, the eyes can be very red upon the sharp wind, bright sun, prolonged crying, when injected into the eyes of a foreign body, etc. Definitely cause occasional redness of eye diseases such as glaucoma, astigmatism, asthenopia (fatigue), episcleritis, keratitis, scleritis, etc. During acute attacks, you should immediately consult a doctor. He or hospitalitynet you, or give drops.With red eyes, not caused by diseases, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. For example, to impose on eyelids potato poultice of grated raw potatoes, wet sleep tea bags or slices of fresh cucumber. Help washing decoction of chamomile (1 teaspoon on 0,5 l of boiled water). If redness does not go away, an urgent need to go to the doctor.