If the eyeball is systematically red, you should contact an ophthalmologist and undergo a medical examination, on the basis of which an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Often redness of the eyes associated with allergic reactions. If you suffer from allergies, perhaps redness is provoked by it. Take a pill of antihistamines prescribed by your doctor. Disappeared the redness will point out that the reason was indeed an allergic reaction. In this case, you should avoid contact with the allergen to get rid of the problems associated with redness of the eyes.

Excessive eye strain can also cause redness of the eyeball. If you days and nights spend at the computer, reading or viewing television, to eliminate redness you should give your eyes periodic rest. An ophthalmologist may prescribe ear drops which should not be used for a long time. Use them in case of emergency. For daily use, more suitable drops with moisturizing effect.

Inflammation of the connective membrane of the eye, or conjunctivitis, causes severe redness of the eyeball. Treatment is with anti-inflammatory drugs. The ophthalmologist will prescribe drops and antibiotics in the form of tablets or injections.

The dilation of blood vessels of the eye may be associated with early stage of glaucoma, diabetes, elevated intracranial, ocular or blood pressure. Only a doctor can identify the exact cause and to appoint adequate therapy.

For good vision and eye health vital vitamin to make up for the lack of it, you need to periodically take a multivitamin, to enrich the diet with vegetable oil, cod liver, fatty fish, sour cream, eggs.