In the first place, to relieve the problems, eliminate the root cause of redness. You should not spend a lot of time in front of TV or computer monitor. When working at the computer give your eyes a break. Periodically close them and relax. Often look away from the monitor and blink for a few seconds. Redness can be caused by fatigue. Therefore, get more rest time, follow the regime of the day. Sleep at least 8-9 hours.
If redness of the eyes caused by Allergy to pollen, hair, makeup, try to continue to avoid contact with them. Take suprastin.
You wear contact lenses? Perhaps they led to the expansion of blood vessels. The lens gradually wear out and begin to RUB the cornea of the eye. So don't forget to remove them before bedtime. Or replace points.
In order to reduce redness, try to cry. Tears moisturize the eye and reduce the inflammation and burning.
Use drops with vasoconstrictor action. Use them no more than three days. Otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.
Strong brew loose leaf tea and soak in it cotton swabs. Put the tampons on the closed eyelids. Don't use teas flavoured.
Make eye compresses. Use herbs such as mallow, parsley, chamomile, cornflower. You can use cooked teas both cold and hot. If the cause of the redness in allergic reactions, infuse and drink as a tea series (throughout the day).
Drink vitamins a and B2. Enter in the diet of blueberries, currants, raw carrots.
If after a few days the redness persists, consult an ophthalmologist. Perhaps you have conjunctivitis. And in this case it is necessary to take antibiotics, to appoint that you can be a doctor.