To start a fight with broken capillaries should visit phlebologist, because you need to find out the cause, so after getting rid of them do not have any relapses.
To remove the annoying vascular pattern by using microsclerotherapy. During the procedure, the capillary administered a special drug — sclerosant. After that, a vein pressed against the cloth and put a compression bandage or stocking, if the mesh was removed on the legs. This procedure is available at any time of the year and has been thoroughly tested.
In a similar way is ozone therapy, only instead of medications is injected into a vein ozone. The oxidant destroys the spider veins instantly.
Another effective remedy to treat spider veins on any part of the body is the laser therapy. If the case is not too advanced, will help only a couple of procedures. The method is safe and requires no anesthesia. The light energy of the laser acts on the capillary, resulting in its walls stick together, and the vessel ceases to exist. Mild redness that occurred during the procedure, pass in half an hour. The laser is used most often where there is no application of sclerotherapy — on the face, neck, back. However, this method is contraindicated while taking antibiotics or retinoids. In addition, before treatment with a laser can sunbathe at least for 2 weeks.
Alternative to laser is thermocoagulation. Destruction of vasculature is influenced by current of high frequency of about 4 MHz. During thermocoagulation blood from the vessel is sent back, from the edge of the capillary in the saphenous vein. Tissue surrounding vessel is not damaged. During treatment is formed a slight crust, but do not worry, it will pass quickly.