How to understand that dogsand worms

A dog can be infected with worms, but the external manifestations may not be. If the dog loses weight, eats well and behaves normally, such an animal is sufficient to conduct deworming as a preventive measure every three months and before each vaccination.

But sometimes the dog has some disease, the symptoms of which the owner does not bind with worms. Although these symptoms may indicate not only the presence of worms, and even their appearance. If the dog constantly has the hiccups, it breaks after feeding, often opens diarrhea, bronchitis occurs, the animal may be infected with round worms. About the presence of flat worms may indicate frequent allergic reactions, intestinal obstruction, vomiting, diarrhoea, sometimes salivation, and seizures. If the animal is infected esophageal worms, have trouble breathing, a cough is present and dyspnea, such as dog loses weight. Dogs can also be heart worms. In this case the animal becomes fatigued, coughing, had swollen legs and stomach, cramps, and photophobia.

If your pet has no such symptoms, but you doubt that she doesn't have worms and don't want to overload the liver pet anthelmintic drugs, you can take a dog's stool sample. For the reliability of the result, you need to do this 2-3 times, because not all worms live in the intestine and not always throw their eggs in the feces.

It happens that after prophylactic deworming of the dog together with the feces worms come out. You have a chance to review them and determine they are round or flat. Round, look like spaghetti, flat – like noodles. From what I've seen, it is possible to continue the treatment, choosing a drug that will effectively deal with your particular kind of worms.

Why you need prevention of worms?

Worms are very dangerous for dogs, if not to fight with them. They settle in various organs and grow there, puncture them, causing mechanical damage and increasing the risk of infection.

In addition, parasitic worms that take the body all the nutrients and emit toxins into the blood, poisoning the dog and reducing its immunity. This is especially detrimental to growing bodies. Puppies can develop rickets on a background of worms.

If a dog has a lot of worms, they are woven in a tangle that can cause obstruction of bowel. And it often leads to death. Therefore prevention is better not to neglect to protect a dog from these problems.

Apart from the tablets and suspension of worms, the animal also must be timely to treat remedy fleas and ticks as these insects are also able to bring in the body of the dog helminth eggs.