Advice 1: How to treat cat worms

Hardly anything can shock the unprepared person as much as what he saw with his own eyes worms in his feces of a cat. Do not panic and drive away from himself does not understand anything animal – pet urgently need to treat against parasites. How to do this to go quickly and efficiently?
How to treat cat worms
Don't assume that if your cat does not happen on the street and excluded the possibility of its contact with stray animals, then it may not be worms. Helminth eggs can bring into the house of the owner of the animal from the street on their shoes or clothes – the cat will RUB his feet, and then in the process of licking swallow them. For acquiring certain types of tapeworms it is enough just one flea, which easily jumps to the apartment from the entrance. The cat caught a flea with teeth on its body, see through it all, the cucumber tapeworm infection has occurred. Feeding the animal raw meat or fish also leads to a cat of worms.
Veterinarians, like human doctors-Parasitologists, it is recommended prophylactically to give the animal the anthelmintic wide spectrum of action. The most effective drugs can advise you at the vet and at the pet store. Anthelmintic drugs are given to cats twice a year – in spring and autumn. The dosage is calculated depending on the weight of the animal.
Keep in mind that prevention giving deworming tablets may not occur, but your cat will be a carrier of a particular type of worms. Contrary to popular belief, people can get worms from cats on rare occasions, but you no doubt don't want to be in the few percent of people who were still infected. And the health of the animal, the presence of worms in his body affected most adversely.
Worms in cats can be detected by the test of her feces to the vet. However, in most cases, the owners themselves see the worms or their fragments in the feces of the animal, which may be a sign that the infection is serious enough. This stage of infection requires immediate treatment.
If you take the feces of the animal for analysis and know for sure what kinds of worms are parasitic in the intestines of your pet, you can choose the most effective in dealing with this kind of worms the drug. For example, cure tapeworms can be ineffective against roundworms and Vice versa. If you want to prevent or have your cat identified several species of helminths, use of drugs broad-spectrum.
Keep in mind that cure for worms is not a vitamin, but rather toxic to the animal drugs. If infected with worms, the cat was ill, exhausted, debilitated or pregnant, you must discuss with the veterinary surgeon schedule the treatment so as not to aggravate the situation by giving anthelmintic.

Advice 2: How to rid a cat of worms

Worms - parasites, which picks up a cat, and if in time not to begin treatment, they can cause serious harm to the animal. Below are a few recommendations about the methods of getting rid of some types of worms at home.
How to rid a cat of worms
Isolate your infected cat from other in your house.
Many cat owners notice worms in the litter box. Identify the kind of worms. For example, roundworms look like thin spaghetti while tapeworms resemble rice.
Tapeworms appear in the body of the animal, when he swallows a flea infected with tapeworm. If you notice fleas from your cat, then with great probability it has and worms.
Examine the cat for other signs of worms. Only tapeworms and roundworms can be seen with the naked eye. Other signs of worms - weight loss, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and inflation of the abdomen.
So how are roundworms more frequency, many owners give their animals once a month special medicine from them, in the form of syrup.
Use a tablet from worms that eliminate tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. Crumble the tablet and mix powder in food.
Nematodes bloodsuckers, from which the animal may die. They are hard to recognize in the home, but if the animal has such characteristics as bloody diarrhea, anemia, weakness, immediately go with him to the vet.
There are also pasta for worms. They are effective against all types of worms. The paste can be injected directly into the animal's mouth or mixed with food.
Use wormwood extract. It is suitable to treat both tapeworms and roundworms and hookworms. Add to food cats 2-3 times a day.
Useful advice
1. Remember, home treatment does not exclude recourse to the vet. From such worms, such as heart worm, we can't lose at home. The doctor will make all the necessary tests, establish the kind of worms and prescribe the appropriate drugs.

2. As a preventive measure, veterinarians often suggest daily add fresh cat food minced or squeezed garlic.This will keep parasites at a distance and even destroy some forms of worms such as roundworms and tapeworms.

3. Regularly use protection against fleas because they are carriers of worms.
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