If you notice that your cat or cat is showing increased attention to area around the anus, there realizuet wool and sometimes begins to "ride" booty on the carpet may suspect that your animal had worms. In fact, in many cases, the reason for this behavior is a blockage perianalny glands.

Signs of inflammation perianalny glands in cats

Perianalny glands located near the anus of the animal and normally emptied of its contents – stinking secret viscous consistency - during bowel movements due to the tension of nearby muscles. However, sometimes the animal can empty these glands, and then it instinctively tries to do this mechanically. To do this, the cat squirms backwards across the floor, biting the base of the tail and furiously licking the anus.

Overflow perianalny glands of their contents thickens and it begins to actively absorbed into the blood of an animal which causes the appearance of severe itching all over his body. If at this stage the owner of the cat will not take him to the vet to clean the glands will begin their inflammation, which will inevitably affect the surrounding soft tissue. It is fraught with education under the tail of the unfortunate animal is extremely painful abscess, which causes him much suffering at first, only when urinating natural needs, and later at rest. If untreated, severe inflammation can eventually lead to the death of a cat or cats.

The treatment of inflammation perianalny glands in cats

If you pay close attention to your animal will certainly notice changes in his behavior that should make you suspect the inflammation he perianalny glands. You can try to clean them yourself: to do this, firmly press a clean cloth against the anus of the animal and squeeze between his right and left side. If it doesn't work, please refer to the vet - he is guaranteed to be able to clear perianalny bags using the method in which one finger presses on the gland inside the anus of the cat, and the second outside.

If you avoid the development of inflammatory process with abscess formation did not succeed, the doctor will open the abscess surgically, disinfect the wound and prescribe medications for the quick and easy of healing. It will also tell you how to prevent the clogging perianalny glands in cats in the future.