Where are the worms

Worms are parasites that dwell, reproduce and feed in humans and animals. They can dwell not only in the intestines and stomach, but also in other organs: lung, heart. Owners of pedigreed, domestic cats are often surprised when a beloved pet find worms. Even powered entirely by purchased feed does not save animals from parasites. Sometimes it is in the womb a kitten is infected with worms, which length will be more than the newborn. Tract infection big set. The owners run the risk when you feed a pet raw meat, liver and fish. In these products may contain invisible larvae. If the products have been undercooked or insufficiently cooked, the larvae can die.

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The man himself, without knowing it, becomes a peddler of the disease. Helminth eggs can bring home on the soles of shoes, on clothing. Then, the eggs fall on the floor, in which roam the animals. As you know, cats are washed with the help of language, and all the dirt gets into the body.

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To get a cat from the neighbor's Pets when playing, mating or food from a common bowl. Many insects carry diseases. Flies feed on garbage bins and dumps, then fly to the apartment where they were attacked by Pets. Cats love to feast on his prey. Then the pet is detected worms. Is necessary to remove fleas from cats. Fleas are the cause of infection.

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The prevention of parasites

To fully protect your cat from parasites will not succeed. Need every three months to give your pet gestagennye drugs. You should always pay attention to animal behavior, to explore the food selection for the presence of parasites.

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There are the following symptoms: lethargic, depression, weight loss, poor appetite, delay in development, tousled hair, anxiety, mucus and blood in feces. Cats will constantly lick the anus due to severe itching.

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What if the worms discovered

Upon detection of worms in cats required immediately to start her treatment because the disease is dangerous to humans. Varieties of parasites are many and 32 of them are dangerous for cats and for humans. During disease it is necessary to isolate the cat from the home, to avoid infection. Always wash your hands after holding the pet. You need to disinfect the house often to wash the floors, change the litter tray and the cat, to disinfect the bowl of food and to prevent protogenia a meal, not bred flies.