You will need
  • - tetrachloroethylene;
  • - it contracts hydrobromide;
  • - other degelmintizatsii drugs.
Determine what species of worms have infected your dog. You can find it in the feces of the dog. Large round worms are oval in shape and resemble grains of rice. Tapeworms often fragments out of the rectum and cause the dog to itch. She sits on his hind legs and goes on the floor to relieve the itching.
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If the dog is infected with round worms, get tetrachlorethylene and take oral medication to a dog rate of 1 ml per 500 grams of body weight. It is very important before taking the medication for 20 hours not to feed your dog as this drug, especially when interacting with the fats chemically reacts and becomes highly toxic when injected into the liver can lead to death of the dog.
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If a dog is infected with tapeworm, take it contracts hydrobromide and give oral medication to a dog. As in the case of large round worms, dog before the procedure, the medication should not be fed for 18-20 hours.
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Perform disinfection of the dog. Collect all feces, hair, debris remaining after the dog and burn it. Replace at the place of stay dogs all cloth decks, old boil for 20 minutes with addition of salt.
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Make the right diet for dogs. In order to prevent the occurrence of worms in dogs, is enough to give her the necessary vitamins and contain the place of greatest presence of the animal clean. Periodically add food garlic and spicy foods (chili, horseradish leaves, watercress), turn the dog's diet bran, hard fiber contributes to the creation of the flora are not fit for worms.
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