In accordance with the Federal law "On acts of civil status" is a duplicate of the certificate of divorce is issued to persons in respect of which was made the record of civil status, as well as their relatives or interested parties in case of submission of a notarized power of attorney from the person who has the right to obtain such certificate.
To get a duplicate of your divorce certificate, you must apply to the authority for registration of acts of civil status with the appropriate application. In the text enter last name, first name, middle name, and / or former spouse, at the time of divorce, date of divorce, the authority which carried out state registration of the termination. Without specifying the above information to find the required record of the certificate about dissolution of marriage becomes impossible.
The filing of this statement subject to state duty (payment receipt must be attached to the application). It can be paid in any branch of the Bank. If all the source data and turning to the body, where he was a divorce, finding the right entry usually does not take much time. A duplicate can be issued to you the same or next day after treatment. All depends on the workload and operational work of employees of the Registrar. The issued certificate is a document, similar to the original, only with content marked as "duplicate". When issuing a duplicateand made a mark in the log book, which shall be signed by the applicant.