Payment of the state duty for registration of marriage

Before assigning the official date of marriage must submit an application and pay the state fee. This is done 1-2 months before the proposed celebration. This time is given to people thinking of committed step.

If you are going to the registry office to supply essential documents, you need to have the following list:

1. Passport.

2. The evidence of termination of previous marriage, if such there were.

3. If the groom or bride is a minor, requires special permission to marry.

4. Non-resident citizens will have to provide proof of temporary registration.

If you compare the size of the state duty for registration of marriage spent on the procedure of preparation for the wedding celebration of money, it would be very minor. This amount is only 200 rubles.

In the Registrar's office will be asked to complete an application form and given a receipt with the required details and the amount. As a rule, near the Department of marriage are banks where you can make payment.

Find out if banking institutions do not exist or the couple are very busy and the queue at the box office very long, it is possible to pay legal costs in advance. For this you need to print the necessary forms from the Internet or pre-taking it to the office of the Registrar. At the time of filling of the voucher did not have any difficulties with the details, the necessary information is available in advance at the registry office.
After payment of the state fee, you can safely go to apply for marriage registration.

Exemption from registration fee and a refund of the paid money

In special cases it is possible to release the pair from the payment of state fees. This applies, for example, of cases staff errors or typos in the certificate of marriage through their own fault.
In such situations, a duplicate is issued free of charge, at the time, as a re-issuance of a document would cost another 200 rubles.

As a rule, paid stamp duty will not be returned under any circumstances. This applies even to those cases where, after filing, the couple decided not to marry or decided to move the date of celebration. In the case of overdue application, the fee will have to pay again. If lovers, for example, after filing, are not passports to the office of the Registrar, and will come on a few days later, they will have to undergo the entire procedure again, beginning from filing and before payment receipt. Therefore, in order not to overpay once again, this procedure should be treated with all seriousness.