Description nipple

Nipples women are two areolas with protruding above them natural tight formations. Their color can vary depending on the amount of melanin pigment contained in the skin of its owner. So, red women nipples almost colorless or slightly pink, blonde pink, brown hair – light brown and brunettes – dark brown. They can be tiny and vast, depending on the bust size, although it is not always an absolute indicator.

It is believed that young female nipples have the highest sensitivity due to the concentrated number of nerve endings.

The form of the nipples may be elliptical, long, thick and reverse cambers. Nipples elliptical shape have oblong elongated shape with a symmetry axis, slightly inclined from a straight vertical. In the case of a reverse bulge they form a small cavity and do not protrude above the surface of the breast. In category long nipples include, the value of which in vertical projection is very large even at rest. And finally, a thick – they are very massive and have extremely wide horizontal radius as in a state of excitement and rest.

Non-standard nipples

There are several types of female nipples, which have unusual shape. Include such convex nipple areola, which is visibly above the skin of the breast and is caused by a shortened state of the muscles of this area, as well as an increased volume of the subcutaneous tissue. In a state of excitement nipples raised areola usually lose similar form. Also in this category are those whose diameter substantially exceeds the diameter of a pencil.

The constant focus of the female nipple, however, as his flat relaxed state, is absolute physiological norm.

Another unusual species is very large nipple clear cylindrical shape that produces the impression of great toughness. They are often compared to the plumbing of the drilling tool or tool for cutting glass. They are the complete opposite of the large nipples, which in structure resemble the soft substance, causing in men the Association with chewing gum.