Advice 1: How to look like nipples

Female nipples are the perfect complement to the chest give it an even greater sensitivity, are one of the most significant erogenous zones of the body, and also serve for feeding the newborn child. There are different forms that vary in relation to colour, the width of the areola and the thickness of the nipple.
How to look like nipples

Description nipple

Nipples women are two areolas with protruding above them natural tight formations. Their color can vary depending on the amount of melanin pigment contained in the skin of its owner. So, red women nipples almost colorless or slightly pink, blonde pink, brown hair – light brown and brunettes – dark brown. They can be tiny and vast, depending on the bust size, although it is not always an absolute indicator.

It is believed that young female nipples have the highest sensitivity due to the concentrated number of nerve endings.

The form of the nipples may be elliptical, long, thick and reverse cambers. Nipples elliptical shape have oblong elongated shape with a symmetry axis, slightly inclined from a straight vertical. In the case of a reverse bulge they form a small cavity and do not protrude above the surface of the breast. In category long nipples include, the value of which in vertical projection is very large even at rest. And finally, a thick – they are very massive and have extremely wide horizontal radius as in a state of excitement and rest.

Non-standard nipples

There are several types of female nipples, which have unusual shape. Include such convex nipple areola, which is visibly above the skin of the breast and is caused by a shortened state of the muscles of this area, as well as an increased volume of the subcutaneous tissue. In a state of excitement nipples raised areola usually lose similar form. Also in this category are those whose diameter substantially exceeds the diameter of a pencil.

The constant focus of the female nipple, however, as his flat relaxed state, is absolute physiological norm.

Another unusual species is very large nipple clear cylindrical shape that produces the impression of great toughness. They are often compared to the plumbing of the drilling tool or tool for cutting glass. They are the complete opposite of the large nipples, which in structure resemble the soft substance, causing in men the Association with chewing gum.

Advice 2 : How to determine the shape of the breast

The breast is a sexual part of a woman's body. Every it has its own seductive path. But scientists still combined feminine charms in 16 basic types. They have two types of names: scientific and journalistic. Scientific little used in everyday life. The second type of names closer to understanding ordinary people, as the basis of the names of fruits and vegetables, which is similar breast shape. Below is a look at the type of the breast based on scientific classification.
How to determine the shape of the breast
Busts small size

1) Snow hill - the breast with pale skin, has a large light areola. Nipple strongly pointed. By itself, such a bust is not very elastic, but shape holds long enough.
2) Chloe - bust characteristic of young girls. This chest is very elastic, long droops. The areola is small, but the outlines are clear, the nipple is also small in size.
Busts size medium

1) African Savannah to the touch this chest resembles a real Atlas. Rounded supple and seductive. The shape is somewhat stretched in width. Nipples small areola small and clearly outlined.
2) Sappho - a form of age already a bit sluggish, but silky skin. The areola and nipples large and dark.
3) Buds - a little outstretched Breasts. Areola small, pointed nipples. The skin is pale pink, with slightly prominent veins reddish color.
4) CIRCE - chest very beautiful shape. Silky skin, big areolas and nipples are clearly expressed. A form many consider perfect. It is elastic and run it owner exciting rises.
Busts large size

1) Lady fingers - chest, reminiscent of the grapes of the same kind. Light skin, areola, on the contrary, dark.
2) Chestnut - bust, slightly flattened. Has light large areola and nipples are slightly expressed. Soft Breasts, the skin velvety.
3) Dulko - Breasts are of specific form. Each is a little narrowed at the base, the nipple also being expanded. Thus, the chest resembles two tomato varieties "Dulko". The areola are large enough such a bust, nipples almost not noticeable.
4) the eyes of a Turk - each breast is pulled forward and as it goes nipple to the side. That is, the chest just "look" in opposite directions.
5) Water surface - the bust is a little lost shape. The delicate skin of the Breasts, areola light, mild. Figure these women are usually large.
6) Peach - breast large, heavy, reminiscent of this fruit. The skin is tender with a slight fuzz. Areola pronounced, have pink color.
7) Alma mater is a pretty major bust. The skin is very pale, the nipples are in constant tension.
8) Renaissance - the breast is soft, but heavy. Such were the Rubenesque beauties. The skin is transparent, it scattered a lot of small moles. Nipples are quite large and have a clear dark areola small size.
9) Ripe pear - the bust a few out of shape. The skin is smooth dark. Breast soft to the touch. Areola large dark, nipples clear, slightly tense.
10) the globe - Breasts rounded shape. Nipples large, pronounced with dark areolas.
The classification shows that a shape of the bust similar to each other in some parameters. But among the 16 types is still possible to find one that describes your.

Advice 3 : What determines breast size in women

Beautiful, lush Breasts – one of the main external advantages of many women. She attracts men's attention and forces beautiful ladies to feel confident and relaxed. What factors affect the size of the bust?
What determines breast size in women

Genetic factor

Heredity largely determines the size of a woman's Breasts. It should be borne in mind that genes are inherited from both the paternal and maternal lines. In addition, as a result of the recombination can be new individual signs. However, it is most likely that the volume of the bust daughter will be the same as older women that are with her in close kinship.

Weight women

In the mammary glands contains a large amount of adipose tissue. So with weight gain increases breast size. Accordingly, when significant weight loss the breast is also losing heavily in the volume, decreasing sometimes several sizes. Therefore, you should adhere to the principles of a healthy diet and maintain the weight needed for a specific height, age and physique level.
1 kg of this weight gain can increase breast weight to 20 g.

The highest growth and breast development occurs in girls between 13 to 18 years. A sharp weight loss at that age can cause Breasts have never, even upon reaching normal weight, it won't be what its true potential and will remain less bulky.

Body type women largely affects the size of the bust. Usually fragile girl have small Breasts and girls with massive rib cage are the owners of ample bosom.


Mammary glands are not muscles, so pumping them up any physical exercise it is impossible, despite numerous promises many sources. However, sports activities is aimed at training the chest muscles, contributes to the tightening of the bust. As a result, the Breasts become higher and more attractive.


Some hormones contained in the drugs, affect the Breasts, enlarging its size. However, this effect is observed as a side effect. No there are specially designed hormonal drugs to increase the bust.
There are medicines to increase the breast. However, they can be taken only after consultation with your doctor.


Since childhood, most girls know that cabbage has a beneficial effect on bust size. Therefore, becoming teenagers, they are happy to eat this vegetable in large quantities. Some hop cones brew and drink the decoction in the hope that this miracle drink will increase their Breasts are several sizes. All of this has no scientific basis and consequently does not bring results. Among the myths can be attributed to any diet, specially designed to increase the bust. But do not forget that man sees is what he believes. So, if you convince yourself that a product contributes to the fact that the breast becomes lush, it is possible to see some changes.
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