First of all, contact your obstetrician-gynecologist who is watching your pregnancy, or lactation consultant about whether you can prepare nipples for feeding the child. Most often massage is necessary for women with flat and inverted nipples that the baby will be difficult to capture his mouth.
Some sources suggest massaging the nipples from the beginning of pregnancy. But the most optimal period 36-37 weeks. The fact that stimulation of the nipples causes contractions of the uterus, increases its tone and may lead to abortion or premature delivery, depending on the term. In any case, do not perform the procedure without consulting a doctor.
As a result of careless movements of the nipple can be injured, so please briefly cut off the nails and get directly to the massage, wash your hands thoroughly with soap not to bring an infection. Apply to fingers and nipples, a little baby powder.
Equipment preventive massage of nipples is as follows: put the thumb and index finger at the junction of the nipple and areola (the areola), squeeze the nipple, gently pull it and twist clockwise and back within minutes. Follow this procedure for 4-5 minutes twice a day.
You can also to massage the nipples with gloves or Terry cloth. In addition, the mammary glands good douche: direct the water jet in the region of the areola in a circle for 3-4 minutes in each direction, wipe with a towel, and then take air baths: a little walk with an open chest.
Very helpful to massage the nipples with ice cubes made from the decoction of oak bark: cold stimulates blood flow and has a beneficial effect on the skin.
To nipples didn't crack when feeding the baby, they can be pre-strengthened by constant contact with a rough cloth. Cut out of burlap or old towels mugs with a diameter of 8-10 cm, depending on the size of the areola, insert a into each of the cups of the bra and wear it daily.