You will need
  • Nipple, straps to wear the bra, sea buckthorn oil, ointment "Bepanten".
If the cracks are not very large, feed the child through a special lining made of fine silicone, sold in pharmacies. They create a separation layer between the mother's nipple and the mouth of a baby. Of course, they will not eliminate pain, but still could save her and help to preserve breastfeeding in this difficult period.
If the cracks are deep and feed the baby it becomes impossible because of severe pain, you should pause feeding to their healing. Express the milk, not touching the nipple, in a sterile dish and feed your baby using a pacifier. Additional sterilization of milk is not necessary. A break in feeding is an extreme measure, do it responsibly.
Purchase pads for the chest, which is designed to be worn in the bra. They do not allow fabrics linen fit snugly and hurt nipples. These devices have holes for air circulation, which speeds up the healing process.
After feeding grease nipples ointments containing lanolin. Very effective and safe remedy is the ointment "Bepanten". It contains provitamin B5, which nourishes the skin and promotes its quick healing. Do not use unless absolutely necessary Zelenka, alcohol-containing solutions, as the breast skin is very dry from these funds.
Leave the chest open after feeding or pumping for a few minutes. Grease cracks his colostrum or milk and Pat dry. Breast milk contains immunoglobulins that protect against germs and viruses.
Stick to certain rules during feeding. Feed frequently and for a long time, long breast sucking provokes maceration of the skin. Change the position of the baby. At the end of the feeding properly take chest. Don't do it through force, in this case increases the risk of damage to the nipple and areola. If the baby does not let go the nipple, lightly pinch his nose. Apply ice to the nipple to reduce the pain before feeding.