Inverted or flat, relative to the average physiological norms nipples are a symptom of shortened milk ducts. These nipples do not protrude above the areola, do not harden with pressure, but rather are drawn into the skin. Often they are insensitive, and in rare cases, and does not react to touch and changes of temperature.

When a non-standard shape and a small size nipple does not occur inconvenience to normal life. But many women are not averse to correct the shape of the nipples to get more pleasure during stimulation of the nipples during intercourse, and also to get rid of the inferiority complex. There are different methods of nipple correction.


The operation is performed under General or local anesthesia. During the operation, cut all or several milk ducts that keep the nipple close to the epidermis. Data correction method entails a long recovery postoperative period and, unfortunately, permanently deprives a woman to breastfeed, so this procedure is not suitable for expectant mothers.


Nipple enhancement can be done at home. You must gently squeeze the nipple between thumb and forefinger and gently massage, increasing the pressure, within 10 minutes. You can also rotate and pull the nipples, avoiding unpleasant sensations. Once you feel the tingling and the increase in the nipples, you must complete massage with gentle circular motions. This procedure should be carried out regularly, preferably twice a day. The result after this massage noticeable after a few months. Additional effects from nipple massage included raising breast sensitivity to touch, improving skin tone and smoothness and fullness of the Breasts.


The cap-Adjuster resembles a small “thimble” with a hole. The cap put on the nipple but the hole to attach the syringe to suck out the air. With a syringe creates a vacuum and the nipple is drawn over the skin. Cap-corrector must be worn for 2-3 months for 8 hours a day.


To visually increase the size of nipples, you can use cosmetic method of correction. Permanent staining of the skin around the nipple has no contraindications. The width and shade of pigment is chosen on the taste of the customer. The procedure is painful, but for the sake of the desired result, people are willing to tolerate and ear piercing, and tattooing, and even tattooing of the nipple.