On small Breasts are easy to pick up beautiful lingerie, you do not need to choose between what looks beautiful and sexy and that just "will keep the form". On a small breast of any t-shirts, shirts, t-shirt, dress looks great. At that time, as owners of great worth considerable effort to find a suitable outfit to look and feminine, yet not vulgar.

Small Breasts over the years, not out of shape, it will not SAG, will not become loose and even 50 will look plump and pretty as a young girl. If large breast not to engage, it quickly loses its shape and aesthetic appeal. This affects almost all women with large Breasts after 30-40 years. And what a 20 years old girl so proud, 40 tries to hide, to delay, and sometimes even to reduce, including surgically.

After birth, breast size usually increases for women with small neat Breasts this could be a nice gift. For those with a large bust is a significant drawback. Women experience discomfort from the heavy weight of its virtues, because they give a decent load on the spine, stretch the skin and itching. Sooner or later, depending on the duration of breastfeeding, the milk will start to leave, and stretched, enlarged Breasts to its former state is restored rare.

In gym class, a health club, and simply by walking and running girls with small Breasts don't worry about unwanted swaying. Not all girls and women rejoice by catching on his chest stared at by men, especially if their shapes are not too happy. There is a whole bunch of psychological experiences and, often unwarranted, of complexes.

In adulthood, many men find small Breasts 1-2 sizes more erotic than a stretched and saggy 3-th or 5-th size. In addition, it is believed that small Breasts are more sensitive and responds better to touch, and this is the truth. In this case, men even more important not size, and the emotions that a woman feels from his caresses.