Pay attention to the material from which made the nipple. It must be 100% medical-grade silicone or soft and elastic latex. Silicone pacifiers are more durable, they do not have taste or smell and are impervious to sunlight. Latex products typically have a light beige or matte color, and characteristic odor and taste. Their minus – fragility, they become misshapen and darken in the sun.
Pick up the dummy so that its size corresponds to the age of the baby. Too small a teat can cause problems with the bite, and the bigger it will be difficult to hold in your mouth. Nipples are designed for feeding baby from a bottle, vary in intensity of the jet. They marked numbers, which denote: 1 – slow flow, 2 – medium, 3 - quick. Change nipples every month or two.
Of great importance is the shape of the product. There are round, anatomical and symmetrical orthodontic shape pacifiers. Round shape nipple mimics the shape of the nipple of the breast during feeding. Orthodontic nipples causes the lower jaw of the baby to move while sucking back and forth, helping its correct development. Teats anatomical form corresponds to the structure of the gums and has less impact on their structure. Make sure that the base of the pacifier has ventilation holes. Ring nipples must be securely attached to the base.
Carefully wash the pacifier before each use and one to two times a day objavite it with boiling water. Well, if the nipple will be sold together with the special plastic cap, it will increase her hygiene and protection from contamination. Regularly check all your existing nipples for cracks and other damage. Don't overuse the pacifier and give it to the child when he is calm and can easily do without it.