Stimulating effect on the connective tissue provides a contrast shower. Every morning and evening for a minute poured over each breast alternately hot, then warm water with massaging circular motion. This shower will help restore skin tone and strengthen blood vessels. For added effect you can use special massage shower heads.
You can also chill chest frozen ice cubes, just be careful - don't hurt the tender skin sharp ice edges and will not pereklita. You just need the ice to the Breasts for a few seconds, repeating the process 3-4 times. The pores of the skin does shrink, and the energy supply of cells and blood circulation improves.
Improves breast shape, and a daily gentle massage with special tonic cream. Choose a cosmetic, which includes ivy extract or soy, as well as elastin and collagen.
Can weekly applied to the chest 250 g fatty curd and leave for 15-20 minutes. This mask will not only give the skin essential trace elements, but will remove fine wrinkles and increase elasticity.
Don't wait for a lightning effect. All procedures and tools to increase the elasticity of the breast give the effect of only through long and regular use. To ensure the maximum results from applying the cream, do a light massage after application, Pat the chest with the fingertips on the sides and neckline and smooth the skin around the nipples.
On the condition of the chest is greatly influenced by your diet. The breast is composed of connective tissue, and in order to make it less stretched, should limit salt intake, as excess retains water in the body and primarily affected is the connective tissue. But you may eat food with collagen fibers, rich in vitamin C, will help to improve the condition of your Breasts. Such foods include kiwi and millet.